World War Z Game Tokyo Map Reveal

World War Z Game Tokyo Map Reveal

Checking out the new Update to World War Z Tokyo Maps that are coming to the latest Zombie Title! More »

M.A.S.S. Builder Kickstarter Details

M.A.S.S. Builder Kickstarter Details

Latest Kickstarter game Vermilion Digital gives us a new Mech experience with full customization in cosmetics and weaponry. More »

Xbox One S Discl-Less System

Xbox One S Discl-Less System

On the gaming news of the Disc-Less Xbox One S coming soon. More »


All-Star Cast for the Sega Genesis Mini

Not to long ago, we were gifted with news of the Sega Genesis Mini and the best news that followed was Sega making it themselves. It also was said that there will be 40 games for us to enjoy with a decent preview of the first line up. Today we are happy to report more details for you that have not received the update. 

Fade to Silence Preview

As a gamer and Sci-fi nerd we tend to think about the what could happen if A or B were to occur. Like, what if there was a nuclear fall out and zombies rose up? Things like that I only assume developers also have to give us an interesting experience or adventure. Fade to Silence comes from developers at Black Forest Games and published by THQ will have a different take on the post apocalypse. Enjoy the latest trailer with gameplay. 

Castlevania Anniversary Collection Revealed

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of Konami and that just means us gamers get an anniversary collection of a few retro classics famed. Right now, Konami is still working on the Contra Anniversary collection. However, revealed today is the Castlevania Anniversary Collection. 

Capcom Home Arcade Reveal

How many of you had a plug and play tv games device? I personally never had one but they made great gifts. I remember giving a friend a Sega Genesis one which was just the 16-bit controller with build in games. It was innovative and cool. Now Capcom is giving out one that is made for two players and is fashioned like an arcade stick! 

Xbox One S All-Digital Edition Announcement

It has happened, my fellow gamers. Microsoft has pushed out the all-digital console and not bad getting 1 TB and all the greatness of the Xbox One S. Is this the beginning of disc-less consoles to come?

NextGen PlayStation Expectations

Okay gamers, are you ready for some interesting news regarding the next gen PlayStation? We have heard the rumors and speculations, but today it seems has dropped some Intel for us to tickle our trigger fingers on the L2 and R2 buttons. The main question I’ve always had was, “What do we really need in our next gen consoles that we already have?” Hopefully we can get an answer. 

Zombotron Hits Steam

It is one thing to be caught in the Zombie Apocalypse, but what about one in the future? It kind of changes the whole ball game where the undead are fused with cybernetics. Zombotron is the latest indie title that will pit you against undeadly enemies as you try to survive with your wits and many guns. 

Apple Wants in on Video Game Services

Interesting things happened over the weekend and one is Apple wants to break into the video game market in the future. In the weekend Financial Times stated, that Apple is spending millions in obtaining in getting new titles. It should have happened a while ago, I think, it should’ve happened a long time ago. If you beta tested the GeForce Now service you can play PC games on Apple Computers.

Samurai Pizza Cats Figure Line Play-Asia

Samurai Pizza Cats the iconic anime of my youth that had me wake up early mornings before school is back in toy form. I loved this show so much and it was a cute version of Ronin Warriors to me of these Samurai warrior cats that delivered Pizza. You deliver pizza and fight the evil of Seymour “the Big Cheese” who was a rat constantly plotting against the emperor. Now, you can add your collection.

3 Months of Xbox Game Pass for a Dollar

It all starts with just four quarters to get to play new titles on the Xbox One. This time around the deal becomes sweet with just one Dollar you can have 3 months of Xbox One Game Pass to check out.