Dear Non-Black Cosplayers

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Devil May Cry HD Collection Review

Shadowjin here with his Review of Devil May Cry HD Collection on the Xbox One. More »

Sea of Thieves Review

We take to the seas in our Sea of Thieves Review More »

Neo Geo Mini Revealed

The Neo Geo Mini has been Revealed and we share our thoughts. More »

Shining Resonance Refrain Heroes: Meet the party

Take a look at the heroes of Shining Resonance Refrain. More »


Moonlighter Is Different Take on Being an Adventurer

You know, I always wondered how merchants in RPG’s get their own goods for their shop to help out worldly travelers? It used to boggle my mind a bit until I saw an anime called Danmachi or “Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon?” which showed a helper joining an adventurer in a quest to fill her backpack. Here we are from the developer Digital Sun we have Moonlighter which is a twist on the RPG adventure genre as you play the merchant gather items for your shop.

Battlefield V Embarks to WW II

It is time to rock and roll people as we go to World War II yet again in Battlefield V which was the big reveal. I have to say that when it was finally stated that it will be in World War II, my reaction was a bit on the disappointed side because I am a Fan of the style of Battlefield 4, however, things change once we dive right into the nitty-gritty of the game. But first, let us check out that trailer.

Omensight Review

You’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be a supernatural Detective? The world is being spun into chaos because of a war that will shake both land and the heavens. It is up to you the Harbinger to settle this dispute and find out who is resurrecting this great evil known as Voden.

SMT: Strange Journey Redux Review

It’s the 25th anniversary of the Shin Megami Tensei series and guess who gets to review SMT: Strange Journey Redux? ME! The Mega fan over her at Kuzokuent and when I say mega fan I remember watching my Big brother playing the 1st game on a Super Famicom in the 90s. Extra kudos to those that know what year that game came out. My artistic hero designed and laid the basic art style people would see for years for this game series.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is coming to the Nintendo Switch

A lot of gamers were asking about when is the Nintendo Switch obtaining Monster Hunter: World or maybe another adaptation of its kind, because why not? For me, Monster Hunter began on the PS2 but found a nice stable home on the Nintendo Islands for many years. So when Monster Hunter: World was announced I was shocked there was no mention of a Nintendo Switch port.

Death’s Gambit Preview

How rude would it be for you to die in combat ready to join your fellow warriors only to be brought back to life to serve death itself? I think I will need to talk to HR or a supervisor about this mess. You are now Death’s right hand as you fight the undying guardians while enduring the eternal struggle to purge their souls. It is the promise of immortality the price you pay to work for death, but will there be a reward for your service? Welcome to this preview of Death’s Gambit.

NeoGeo Mini Confirmed

It is now time ladies, gentlemen, and otherkin for some gaming news that will tickle framerate. Announced today is a full confirmation of the NeoGeo Mini with both overseas and domestic versions showcased.

Dragon’s Crown Pro Review

I remember the first time I played a tabletop game and I was excited to finally play the whole experience with a game master an fellow adventures. Sadly the games always ended up with people getting mad easily with the Gamemaster or being called out for cheating when we are on the same team. It was a weird experience, but they were not all bad. This time around we get a similar experience, but without all the mess with the game being the Gamemaster and all you have to do is pick the warrior to go off and conquer. Welcome back to the PlayStation Pro version of Dragon’s Crown Pro.

Can you Survive Smoke and Sacrifice?

Spring is just full of new games coming out and I am happy to report one coming to both PC and the Nintendo Switch. This is a new Survival RPG that will pit players into a whole underworld of survival. From the Developers Solar Steel LTD and Published by Curve Digital comes Smoke and Sacrifice.

New Gameplay Footage of Beyond Good & Evil 2

We are getting closer to E3 2018 and of course, the news is starting to fly off the interweb shelves. Recently Ubisoft just released a new video showcasing some new combat maneuvers combat with nice motion capture. Let’s take a look.