Red Dead Redemption Giveaway

Its a Contest to win either a PS4 or Xbox One Copy of Red Dead Redemption 2. More »

The Surge 2 Reveal

Taking a Look at a new Sequel of The Surge 2. More »


Japan Game Awards 2018 Details

It’s always good to be recognized for your hard work and accomplishments ain’t it? With all the advancements in gaming technology, user experience, graphics, player experience, etc, rewarding development teams via an award show is only natural, right? And that’s just what Japan did. On Thursday, September 20, 2018, the Japan Game Award gave out various awards to everything from video games, to consoles.

TellTale Games Shutting Down

Let’s paint a picture for you gamers out there. You get up in the morning getting ready for work at a fun job you spent your life going after only to find out that you and many of your colleagues are getting laid off. An abrupt situation that can ruin any person’s day. Here is where the old school nail on the coffin happens as it is now announced that the doors are being shut down on Telltale Games. What a Shame.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Review

Ladies and gents it’s Shadowjin here and welcome back to another review here on Kumazoku! Today we’re swinging into the brand-new Spider-Man game and let me tell you, this game is ridiculously amazing! They did not let us down not one bit at all! As a big Marvel fan is super happy that this game exists right now. Everything from the story, to the combat mechanics, to the missions, to the swinging mechanics, to the…… We’re just going to talk about all of it! There’s just so much to love about this game that there was I barely anything things that I didn’t like. First thing I want to talk about is the story. Of course, without spoiling for those who haven’t gotten through this spectacular story that Insomniac Games put together.

PlayStation Classic Reveal

I have to thank my friends for hitting me up at 2 am with videos of the PlayStation Classic Reveal which is a mini PS One, but I was a bit confused since that came out many years ago and had a screen attachment as well in the early 2000’s. So what could this new Mini…Mini have to offer?

Darkstalkers Costume Pack hits SFV Arcade Edition

Many of you already saw the news and with the Pumpkin Spice, Halloween hunting, candy grabbing, spookfest is happening soon might as well see some festive costume to your favorite fighting game. That is right Street Fighter V Arcade Edition always delivers some premiere skins for you so why not a Darkstalkers Theme this time around.

Mega Man 11 Demo on Nintendo Switch

With all the reboots, HD collections, Remasters, and game IPs that haven’t seen another sequel in years getting a new edition added to their collections, only naturally it was time. After the Mighty Number 9 Fiasco, the Capcom powers that be decided it was time to give the people what they wanted. Not something that was kinda sorta Megaman. Not thrift store Mega Man, but actual Megaman! And so the time has come. Time for MegaMan to get some of that much-anticipated shine. The much-awaited demo is here. Last week Megaman fans were gifted with a demo for the next up and coming Megaman game, MegaMan 11! So what can we expect coming from Megaman after all these years?

Capcom Beat’em Up Bundle Preview

Coming out September 18th is an awesome return of some of Capcom’s greatest Beat’em up titles! I am a huge fan of beat’em up games and let’s see what Capcom has in store for this bundle.

Destiny 2 Forsaken DLC Review

Damn you Bungie, this set up was unexpected from the get-go from Generation 1 Destiny with Cayde-6. I thought he was a pompous ass-hat, but dude has gumption and morals. This dude took the name guardian, cranked it up to 11 and made a stage for himself while inspiring others, even if his tactics were a bit unorthodox. This is the last stand for Cayde-6 and it sucks, but I find it a bold decision by Bungie to get rid of such an iconic character in video games.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Review

I am never shy of trying out a genre or game that I have never played before and as a reviewer, I will not lie to you my readers that I know all about this title. This will be my first time playing Valkyria Chronicles and even though this is the fourth installment, let’s see if it can win me over.

CyberPunk: 2077 Gamplay Preview

With 2018 being devoted to talking of Fighters, RPGs, Reboots of Classics, and Indie cellphone & computer games, it’ only natural to share some of that Kuzoku spotlight with the FPS’s am I right? Well, a preview for one of epic proportions has landed comfortably in Kzoku’s lap. The developers at CD Projekt Red look to be pulling out all the stops with their 40 minutes of a kickass trailer for CyperPunk2077! By the looks of it, CyperPunk2077 defiantly looks like it will satisfy gamers across the board!