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Gamer Guide Naha Vol 2: Local Arcade

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Moving Forward in Video Games

Thinking back and maybe remastered games aren\'t too bad or rather just work on new content. More »

Monster Hunter World Hands on Preview

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Ready for the Return of Shaq Fu?

The year is 1994 and this beast was but a small cub at the time taking a trip to Green Acre’s Mall to hit up FuncoLand. Oh, this was a magical place at the time and there was a particular game on his radar based on a famous basketball player who was a decent Rap artist at the time. Shaquille O’Neal decided to branch out into the video game market with his own Kung Fu inspired game called Shaq Fu. My little child-man brain was excited and I picked up my copy of the Sega Genesis. Oh was I disappointed as I went into the game.

Snowboard Kids Returning is a Great Idea

Yes, it is a click-bait title, but at least I respect you gamers in admitting to said click-bait title, which honestly not really click-bait when you think about it. Anyway Special Shoutout to Mike’s Monster Gaming and my cousin Mr. Trickster who inspired this post idea. These two are Nintendo enthusiast and have been for the longest time. I saw my cousin play Snowboard Kids a while ago and recently on Mike’s channel I saw him playing and realized that this needs a resurrection.

Its Time for a Black Panther Game

Shout out to Ed Boon (Even though he will not read this post) on making me think outside the box on this one since he inspired this post with his tweet. I will never say something can’t be done when it comes to video games. If the money is right it shall happen, but I believe he is trolling which was shown in the latest tweet that I will show below.

Spyro’s Making a Comeback

Am I dreaming because I did an article not too long ago talking about what games today are lacking and that is decent platformers. I felt that there wasn’t enough imagination these days going on with video games in terms of the lack of the Jak and Daxter’s, Bubsy, Rocket Knight and many others. Recently we saw the return of Crash Bandicoot remastered and a new Bubsy game, but now it seems that Spyro wants to bring back some classic platforming as well.

Beast Gamer News: Long Live the Switch

Consider this for a moment, a gaming console that lasts longer than the initial 5-year shelf life and I do not mean that it is stilling living on even though the next generation system is out and games are still being made for it. No, my lovely gamers I mean a system that is being still backed and games are continuously being developed for it. This seems to be the current dream for Nintendo for their latest switch console that came out last year.

Develop. 4 Update for Fornite BR

Sup gamers and Happy Monday. Right now there is some new Battle Royale news for those of you that are enjoying the free-to-play shooter which is gaining a lot of popularity. Let us take a gander at what they have for you players out there.

Fight List for Evo is Live but Some are not Happy

What is up gamers and check this news out as we finally have a list of the fighting games that will be showcased at this years Evo 2018.

A Case of Distrust Review

Sometimes it takes a lone wolf to get the job done in a harsh town full of corruption. There are those that are brave enough to go on their own to seek justice while others turn away or shrug off a case. Even if some cases are a bit fishy and here we are with PC Malone starting her story with a prowler, a knife and our interest step into learning how to be a detective.

Monster Hunter World Review

Greetings hunters all and welcome to our review of Monster Hunter World which we shall be playing on the PlayStation 4, but it is available on the Xbox One. PC folks will have to wait later this fall, but do not worry that’s why we are here to show you what you will be in for.

Bloodstained Build and Crafting Update

I have not done an update in a long time so I will take this time to catch everyone up that is not aware of this upcoming title from the creator of Castlevania.