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頭文字(Initial) D Arcade Stage Zero Competition

My Initial D experience is a fanboy’s journey and yes that is right I am a fanboy when it comes to Initial D. I first got into the Anime and then I sought out the Manga which both had a great experience to me. I even did an article talking about a prequel to follow the life Takumi’s Father Bunta Fujiwara before he was a dad. I have played the PSP version of Initial D and checked out the Arcade games at Chinatown Fair, but I passed up on the Import PS3 version because of financial reasons. Hey, imports are expensive at times, the PSP version cost me 80 dollars alone. Now, today Sega unleashed a fleet of videos showcasing a new Initial D game and I nearly drifted out of my chair.

Beast Talks about the Sega Mega Drive Mini

Good Gaming Day to you all and welcome to this new post about the announcement of the Sega Mega Drive Mini. It was bound to happen with the success of the Nintendo Mini’s and now it is Sega’s turn to shine. However, I do have my problems with these mini systems since there is no room to add on roms without having to do some modifications and of course the limited sales of them. This is not why we are here, because as an old console war soldier being on the side of Sega Genesis I have my own list of games I would like to see.

Devil May Cry HD Collection Review

What makes a good series? Is it the story, the badass moments, a protagonist with a slick tongue and the skills to back it up, or is it some of the coolest bosses that you encounter throughout your journey? Whatever it is the Devil May Cry series has exactly what you need for a badass hack and slash series. The big question is: Does it still hold up?

Sea of Thieves Review

Ahoooy mates it’s ShadowJin here and throughout the years we’ve seen pirate games come and go. However, we’ve never seen one on a scale this big. Sea of Thieves for the Xbox One and Windows 10 invites you to its open sea world filled pirates, ship battles, undead skeletons, Booty (treasure, get your mind out the gutter otherwise you’ll be walking the plank!), hidden underwater mysteries and the worst of them all… The Kraken! Does it live up to the hype or does it sink into the unknown deep sea of the abyss?

Extinction Review

Disclaimer: We were given a free copy of Extinction, but keep in mind that our review will not be swayed by that, please enjoy. 

Always the last and it always seems as if people never heed your warnings of danger. As a Sentinel, it is your duty to protect those indeed of salvation against the Ravini. These Titans are on a rampage to wipe out civilization with the help of their jackals. Avil and Xander are the last Sentinels that can save humanity who once was at each other’s throats will now have to stand and survive these titans.

Sam Fisher Infiltrates Wildlands

I am not going to lie to you gamers that I thought there were talks about a new Splinter Cell game coming out, but instead, they are just dropping Sam Fisher into the world of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands. This is new content that will be dropped into the main game as well as the pvp mode filled with new Splinter Cell content. So what will be in it for us?

Double Kick Heroes Review

You can’t have a Zombie Apocalypse without having some metal music roaring in the background. Anything that deals with a Rock Band and zombies trying to eat your flesh has to come with an interesting soundtrack of tunes and some kicka** guns. Welcome ladies and gentlemen to a new style of rhythm game in Double Kick Heroes.

Ready Player One Movie Review

We can all understand as gamers that we escape to the digital world because the world is not a great place. Yes, it is the real world, but we need a break from it at times and I for one can understand why people stay in the digital world since you can be anything or anyone you want. Hell, some even make the best of friends while playing online without ever meeting them. Ready Player One touched base on this subject in the future where nothing but the Oasis is played by all. However, I found a deeper meaning behind the concept that made me appreciate the people I played online with.

Far Cry 5 Review

“God said humanity took a good idea and, like always, built a belief structure on it. I think it’s better to have ideas. You can change an idea. Changing a belief is trickier…” – Rufus

I had to start the review with that quote from my favorite movie Dogma because the character Rufus touched base on a lot of good issues regarding the bad choices of humanity. In Far Cry 5, we witness the power of someone with strong beliefs can do a community filled with what he considered folks that have lost their way like stray sheep in the eyes of the lord. Welcome to our review of Far Cry 5.

A Way Out Review

Disclaimer:  There will be No Spoilers in this review, please enjoy and read with ease. 

The first time I heard about this game was last year during the VGA’s and Josef Fares as we all know worked on Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons which was a beautiful and unique experience as an indie title. This time around the developers with EA Originals takes us on not just a new video game adventure, but a cinematic interactive experience. This is A Way Out.