Shining Resonance Refrain Review

Kikee with her Review of Shining Resonance Refrain available now. More »

Kill La Kill The Game Announced

Kill La Kill gets its own video game and it looks impressive. More »

Spider-Man Limited Edition PS4 Pro Revealed

That Spider-man Limited Edition PS4 Pro looks web-tastic. More »

Play NYC Is Back

For the second year PLAY NYC is Back to bring New Yorkers and Gamers all over a new Eastcoast Gaming con Experience. More »

Override: Mech City Brawl Announcement

New Mech fighter that promises some unique Co-op. More »


The AbleGamers Showing Xbox Adaptive Controller at Play NYC

Greetings gamers all and welcome back and here we are at Play NYC taking a look around and checking out what other interesting games or devices we will see. This time I made a stop before entering the full con at the Ablegamers Charity table where I met Greg who was happy to give me intel on their Xbox Adaptive Controller. This magnificent device helps those with disabilities to play games comfortably and more efficient with a fully customizable controller that will adapt to your needs. I knew a few people that adapted with the standard controller, but they always wished for a better way and I am talking about this was back when Modern Warfare 3 was out. Luckily there have been many people listening and here we are, enjoy the video.

Hands on with Miasma Caves at Play NYC

Greetings adventurers all, it is I the Beast who is a gamer named Kuma here with Adam from Windy Games giving us a hands-on experience with their new exploration survival game Miasma Caves. You play as a Dragon Humanoid explorer named Lesath who is taking on the task to help out her village while living up to her parents legacy. In that, we have a great video for you all to check out as we interview Adam and their game. Please enjoy.

Boxing Apocalypse Arriving at Play NYC

Oh, getting an email letting me know that a VR Boxing game will be at Play NYC this weekend is one of the best e-mails that I have gotten. You have to understand gamers that I love interactive fighting games be it with weaponry or hand to hand combat. So, when Gotham City Films inviting me into their VR Fight Club all I have to say is, “yes Please!”.

Hamsterdam will be at Play NYC

We are coming close to New York’s Video Game Convention Play NYC and I am happy to say that the developer’s MUSE GAMES showcasing Hamsterdam. This is taking a new take on the classic beat’em up genre, but let’s take a closer look.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Digital Pre-Order now Available.

Time to get your tanks ready and roll out gamers as Valkyria Chronicles 4 releases on September 25th, 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam PC. Digital pre-orders are available for all platforms as of right now, so of course this beastgamer is here to share the intel with you the fans and new gamers to this series.

Arcade1up: Affordable Arcade Cabinets

For those gamers born during the golden age of arcade, they will tell us what an amazing time it was. While us millennials are at home enjoying the perks of XBL, PSN, and Nintendo Online to meet with players across the globe, back in the day players had to meet face to face to square off at an arcade cabinet.  Missing that nostalgia? Well, why not bring the joy of the Arcade to your home!? Now you can, with the with Arcade1Up by Tastemakers, LLC.  – the affordable at-home arcade cabinet.

MotherGunShip Review

I new tag that I recently become acquainted with is something called “Bullet Hell” which is self-explanatory. Now, I have experienced this genre in many games like Contra, R-type, 1942 and many other games of that style. I don’t recall experiencing this style in the first person. MotherGunShip is here to bring you everything the form of panic, dodging and leveling to improve your battle suit. Let’s take a look.

August PSN Free Games are Here

The August line up for your PlayStation Plus members are nowhere and it seems to be pretty good for the last month before we hit that fall season.

Moonlighter New Update is Live Today

I need to check on my shop, not going to lie I closed up shop for a few weeks, but I am going to return to check out the new updates that were just announced today for Moonlighter and please check out our review before we head into this update information.

Beast After Thought on GTA V Online After Hours

So, the latest GTA V Online DLC has been live for a week now and of course after a few sessions setting things up, a few shark cards and of course risking our lives selling out cargo and “Sugar Factory” product it is almost completely done. I have been working with my bros helping each other out with our bunkers, CEO’s and MC stuff. I figured it is time to share my thoughts on this After Hours DLC.