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The developers at Magic & Mirrors are sure keeping up with their updates for us and today we just got new word on the Melee Updates for Nelo and so much more.

So as of right now they are still not ready to role out an Alpha for us to try out, but am I mad? Not really, slightly sad, but not upset. I rather developers take their time and make the game that they promised us and make sure it is right and polished. As of right now, they are moving things along with the cinematics of Nelo where all the character animations are finished, but we are here to see some of that sweet melee I am particularly interested in.

Magic & Mirrors is promising up to 25 minutes of cinematics coming soon as they are done with the effects pass and now moving towards the audio portion. Since this is a huge project they are being diligent before they hand over a working Alpha, I will admit I was expecting a Beta at this point, but seeing some of the footage I can see why they are taking the time right now.

Melee Attacks List: 


We thought it would be nice to give an official guide to the game’s Melee combos. We have added a few new attacks recently. We added more attacks when you are in the air because we were bored of button mashing to home in on flying enemies like a 3d Sonic game. So we added air attacks that have various homing speeds and range and we have air attacks that can drop enemies to the ground as well. We have also included melee attacks for when you are grabbing an enemy. We like the gravity gun inspired mechanic of chucking enemies like grenades but we also thought it would be cool to swing them around like a club before throwing them. We really can’t wait for you guys to experiment with these abilities.

Hold up, after checking out the Nelo melee footage I am struck with glee as you get a nice combo system from close range to widespread attacks. Since as I am looking at the weaponry you are using guns for your melee attacks. Technically speaking you are beating the mess out of enemies with the blunt part of your guns. I can get behind that.

You see this thing above…yes that is all they are going to tease about when it comes to the boss fights in Nelo. I see what you are trying to do Magic & Mirrors and yes it is working, but this image alone I shall study the enemy which is kind of creepy. However, I shall take it down, wtf is that in its face though? Looks like a tumor or something trying to pulse out with some snow crabs on the side…either way this boss is going down. Sadly we shall have to wait for another update to come about but sure check back for future updates as they progress. If you want to try it out for yourself just click on this link here. – Beast Out

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