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Wow, this is going to be an interesting review since I for one have never played Animal Crossing in my life. I only have known about it and seen fellow colleagues play it. I am sorry, I am gamer that likes racing games, violence and more violence in that genre. This week Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is the latest for the mobile devices and it blew up a storm of people requesting friend codes and even friends I didn’t even know were into Animal Crossing. This is where I have come to as Beast Gamer trying out something in a friendly environment. Let’s take a look.

Welcome to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp and the first order fo business I would suggest linking your Nintendo Account if you have one. Once you are done updating you make your desired character with your name of choice, but try to keep it user-friendly if you can. Being that I have no idea about this world the tutorial was quite welcomed. You are a human in an animal humanoid world and just like a simulator you social, make friends and do task around the area in order to make a better campsite. The goal is to have a pretty cool looking camp area, but there are tasks that you will need to do in order for other animals to want to visit you.

Please the NPC’s:

I noticed that many of the animal people in the game have various personalities and each will have their own special items or rather request for you to acquire. Once you do acquire enough heart points from them which is an easy task, you can then invite them to your camp. Now, here is where things get interesting as when you invite an animal friend over they need your place looking up to their standards. I know, they going all vanity on you, but you want to be a good camp guest. In that you will have to start the crafting system and make certain furniture for your guest. It is not that bad since some will ask for one item while others like Cherry and Jay who will need a whole new living room set.

I swear the first thing that came to my mind with these request is, “Who is coming with me to IKEA and who is paying?” This leads to better friendships and of course more items as you level up each animal friend. So far I am still fresh in the game only having six friends in my campsite. I am curious what is the capacity that you can have. You can use the layout system to organize your areas the way you prefer and that is fun for those that want a Fung Shui style.

Craft it and They Will Come:

Keep an eye out for your materials. You will have wood, steel, essence and food stock that you will need to craft many items for your camp and your camper. As you deal with a request you will receive rewards from your animal friends, so in a way, they are paying for what you put into your campsite. This is where things become a test of how patient you are and I find it funny on the length of certain items that take time to craft. I get why it would take eight hours to build a new tent, but why does it take six hours to make a pizza? Or a one seated chair? Many other things like a speaker system or a drumset take less time in a few minutes. All I know is that better be some damn good pizza.


You don’t have to worry about it if you are patient and there are many activities to do in fishing, harvesting, and gathering. Be sure to check your items slots carefully as you will run out of the room quickly. In that, you can sell items to make room and this is pretty cool since you can do it in two ways. One way is to just outright sell it through the system that gives you a set price or you can sell through other players that may need what you want and can use in-game bell.

It’s Fun with Friends: 

What is a social game without meeting new people or inviting your friends to join you? Teamwork does make the dream work and Pocket Camp grants you the option to share friend codes to one another and gain a following. You can visit your friend’s camp to give them kudos and you will run into them as you travel around. So far the only other way to use your friendships in game is to help you in the quarry area if you can get five friends to help you out that is to farm materials. If not you can use leaf tickets to pay your way in.

There will be daily goals to accomplish so keep in mind and just be friendly to one another. It is not a forced thing, it is just a nice chilled game that gives you that good vibes to do so.

Free to Pay:

So far I have played for two days and only spent 1 dollar to get leaf tickets in order to add more slots or purchase a particular item.

As you can see there are a few deals going on right now, but I am amazed that it is not as pricey as some other Free-to-Play games I have tried out. I believe it benefits a company more not to be greedy and of course to be reasonable with in-game content. I don’t feel much like a competition of pay to win, but more about looking cool and having the best stuff to level up. You can earn Leaf Tickets through accomplishments, but if you need that extra help you do have the option of paying as little as a dollar or the max of 40 dollars that will add tax.

The downside:

I was expecting a bit more customization options like a MoHawk, but maybe, later on, there will be updates for more cosmetics. It is still a problem, but the style of Animal Crossing is simple at best.

I do feel that certain items make no sense in how long it takes to craft like I mentioned earlier with a pizza or a chair vs. a sofa and a bed that takes a few minutes vs. hours.


Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is outside of my normal genre being a social simulation game. I like how cute the characters are and the visuals walking around the camp world is pretty entertaining. Each animal character has their own unique personality and comes with their own rewards as you level up the love meter with them. I was a bit judgy at first being that it seemed kind of dull or corny, but I can see the appeal of just going around exploring and interacting with characters as well as your friends. There is room for expanding your customization and as you level you will be gifted with new items to craft.

Some items need a smaller timer especially when it comes to food. I know it probably would take a few hours in real time to make a Pizza, but in game six real hours that must be some good Pizza. Either way, I feel the need to explore more and try to tackle the task as best as I can and with little effort in using my leaf tickets. Isabelle’s tutorial was quite helpful and I did spend real money on leaf tickets that didn’t make me feel guilty. 99 cents for 20 leaf tickets were reasonable and the highest being 40 dollars with some added bonuses.

This is a game that is open to all ages and if you link your Nintendo account you can safeguard your game in the cloud system. All and all I give Animal Crossing Pocket Camp 4.5 paws out of 5. You can download it right now for your Android device and iOS devices and please feel free to share your friend codes so I can help you out in dig sites. – Beast Out





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