Tower 57 Dungeon Crawl Review

Up, down and all around…it is a tough job for one with such special skills. At times you have to dig through the sewers facing off some weird creatures only to have to climb somewhere tower to discover some hidden secrets that some will kill to stay that way. Well, it is time to cock your hammers and get ready for one intense team driven neo-retro shooter from 11 Bit Works. Let’s enter Tower 57 available right now in the Steam Marketplace.


Welcome to the Diesel Punk world with a 16-bit game style of old fitted with some modern day smooth gameplay. Think about it like a salty and sweet mix that gives you the nostalgia and longevity for a game that is under $20. The one thing I like about top-down shooters with intense situations when it comes down to your quick reflexes and thinking. I thought it was going to be your simple shooter with some eccentric gun pickups, but it turns out to be an open world style game where you will have to farm for currency to upgrade your character and of course dungeon crawling for orbs.

The orbs come in two styles that I noticed with one being for your mana that can be used to unleash an all-around attack which is offensive and defensive depending on your characters you pick. I did jump ahead a bit where in the beginning you will have to choose 3 characters that will act in your lives. When one dies they will be replaced by the next character on the line. There will be closets around the levels where you can change to a different character if you wish.

The way you control your character is the easy part. You use the left analog stick for movement and the right for targeting. The R Bumper to switch between weapons and the Right Trigger to shoot. The left Bumper to unleash a secondary weapon and the Left Trigger for your dodge move. Hold down the Y button to see the map and the X button to activate your special ability.

I started off with the Don, The Spy and Abe Lincoln which was for comedic purposes also he fought vampires so why not? So far, I stuck with the Don for as long as I could until Abe got killed, I didn’t like his abilities and the Spy seems to have a power glove which I have no clue what it does but my favorite secondary weapon was the exploding Phoenix bird. You will have your melee ability which I do not recommend using, your standard infinite shotgun which is a last resort if you run out of bullets. The 3rd is a Tommy gun with rapid fire that is my personal favorite and finally you have your heavy weapon which can vary. There will be creatures, machines and other things that will drop weapons for you to pick up.

I started to believe that I was more than a simple human after this cyclops demon dog slice me in half and I survived. I picked up the floating med skit and used my “inner self” to crawl to a repair station which I obtained a new pair of legs that are mechanical. Each upgrade with gift you new abilities with weapons and speed, as well as armor. The more money you obtain the more upgrades you can acquire. Things can be tough and you will be caught by surprise at times, so stay on your toes.

There are many ways to earn money as you venture out into the world and I highly recommend exploring as much as possible because there are many hidden areas to obtain new stuff. As you explore you can find places in bars to play games where you bet money and obtain a nice pay out if you are capable. I find the hammer nail game the easiest so far, but the darts game seems to be glitched as the targeting only shows up outside of the board. Just be careful on how much you bet, but you can play for fun without worrying about it and to get some nice practice.


Honestly, it is not bad at all seeing an old school 16-bit game art. We have so much high end graphics that takes away some kind of feel that the classics had. I mean this just shows that high quality doesn’t always make a great game and asks the question is it fun? Everything is lively and fluid which makes it a smooth game to play all around. I like the character designs and the music is not that bad. The sound effects at times give me a jump which is good and I can use that when I hear some of the goop monsters drop down from wherever.

As you have your favorite creatures, I also have some that are quite annoying in a good way. The scutter robots are too damn annoying, but it got me moving and making sure I make precision shots. Add that to the sentry guns and you have yourself a good old fashion dance party.

Tag Team: 

Tower 57 offers multiplayer where you can have friends join you or you can link up with randoms, but so far I could not get anyone to test that feature out. I do believe it will kick the game up a notch in fun and a challenge.

The Bad:

I don’t like the quick access button for weapons since it doesn’t work all the time. i was under the impression that it would give me a smooth cycle to save time, but when I tap it at times it does nothing at one moment and decides to work another. At times I just say the hell with it and hold down the button and cycle manually. Not really much else I can say that is wrong outside of that. This game will make you rage at times, but if it didn’t come with a challenge I would not bother.


I underestimated this game and I am kind of hooked which is a great selling point and yes I was given this game for a review. Here is the best thing that I see heart in indie game that was developed to have fun, because the game is currently on sale for ten bucks and that an’t half bad with a game that has enough replay value to to consider a higher 40 dollar price tag. Visually beautiful, eccentric story-line and text dialogue from the NPC’s with colorful entities that make you question, “Friend or Foe?” There is a nice choice system too that can help you along the game. You will have an auto save feature, but if you can find room you can do the classic sleep in the bed save.

I am tempted to start over and choose the other characters and that is also another thing to consider with dungeon crawl games. In that Tower 57 gets a smooth 4.5 out of 5 and as an Ancient gamer like myself I am enjoying the mayhem to figure out what it all means. If you are currently playing, let’s grab a game and get to the top of the situation. I hope you enjoyed this review and please check out Tower 57 which is on sale on steam right now and if you need steam cards head on over to which helps us out here in the long run. – Beast Out

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