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It is good to see companies coming out with more demos and Beta’s for us to try out before we buy, shows an abundance of good faith in their product. This weekend is the Monster Hunter: World beta which is one of the highly anticipated games coming out for Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. This weekend is exclusive to PlayStation Plus members to try out with three main missions with both single and multiplayer options, as well as a training mode. My first impression goes with the single player mission and as you go through the post we will touch base on what changes in the Multiplayer. Enjoy.

I touched based on a few things in the video, but this is day two and a lot has been updated since I did this video. I finally met up with my homie Easy Logic to try out the multiplayer and he is more well rounded than I am being that he will go through each and every weapon to understand how to utilize each in offense and defense. He also states about learning about the weapon in order to stay out of its way when another colleague uses it in battle which all makes sense.

You have to understand that Monster Hunter: World takes strategy and teamwork if you are not going into a battle solo. I myself being the stubborn gamer that I am will only stick with certain weapons that I feel comfortable with, not many people I ran into multiplayer had the same weapon as I did and even if they did we would go and strategize to not get in each other’s way. We had a small interview which you can check out below.


  • Graphics look beautiful on the PlayStation 4 with the added addition of looking at a full view of the environments.
  • Smooth Transition from 3DS to PlayStation Controller where some complain about the hesitation and being confused, but it is idiot proof with the tutorial to get you used to the mapping of the buttons, but you can configure it to your liking.
  • Fire Flies light your path. Since the world is bigger this is a nice touch to make hunting better not easier. You are hunting and using hunting tactics would make sense instead of wandering blind guessing where the monster might be on the map.
  • The Grappling Hook is amazing. I have not utilized it fully, but when mounting the monster it comes in hand to grapple back on when being thrown off.
  • You can hit the monster no problem without interrupting the person mounting the monster which is a plus.
  • Palico can make friends with low-level monsters as companions to help you in fights a well.
  • Multiple Monster Interactions while hunting. You can be hunting one monster and then another monster will show up to the party all like, “LET ME GET IN ON THIS!”. I love it.


  • There are a few graphical glitches where monsters will phase through rocks that should stop them.
  • Locking on can be a bit clunky as well the camera angles are still a fight in itself.
  • The timer is still a bit of a nuisance being that you should let us have some time to explore, but hopefully, that will be changed in the final game.
  • Still using the old way of adding someone to a party in multiplayer by using the room code instead of just inviting someone in your list of friends or party chat.

In the beta, they give you the option of three levels to try out in Novice, Intermediate and Expert all in the same world but with different scenarios that will take you on a great chase. I am not sure which monster was my favorite, but the Anjanath was the most difficult being that it goes into a rage and spits fire that I recommend stop dropping and roll if you get hit. I did enjoy running around and giving you simple presets to create your character for now which I hope will be more customizable in the final game.

All and all I am sold from what I just played, there is not much story to go around from what I remember, but you will have in-game quest to help out villagers and to take down some huge mountain size beast. We shall see come January 26th in 2018, but for now, you can pre-order by heading to and yes we are affiliated which helps us out in the long run. I hope you enjoyed this post and please share your thoughts below if you are playing and hit me up if you want to squad up in the future. – Beast Out


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