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Who else loves it when a genre takes a step back and tries something interesting or rather mixes something fun with their own entity? I for sure find it fun especially in this case. It was back in the summer of 1996 when I visited an old Mom and Pop’s game store where I discovered this gem of a title on the PlayStation One. Seeing a mix of Tetris and fighting games blew my mind is that they were a gem puzzle system. Then came Super Gem Fighter which was the same deal but all fighting that I currently own on the PS3. What made this game stand out the most was the Chibi (Japanese term for short and cute) art form that made fans love it. Now Capcom decided to bring this game back in mobile form.


If you played Puzzle Fighter before than it has not changed much where you have to link gems together so your character can cause super attacks. Or you can do minor links to cause small chip damage, but it is key to pay attention to the fighter you have and their combination box. There is a certain color pattern that each fighter will have, but you do start off with a few free fighters where I started with Ryu, Chunli, E. Honda and Chuck from Dead Rising 2. Once you played a few online matches you will unlock the assist character slots where you can have two more fighters by your side to cause more damage when linking a huge gem.

Now I would recommend starting off with the missions area before heading into the PVP arena because practice makes perfect gamers. You will have your choice of three different mission choices, but once you are done there is a cool down where the next time missions will be available will be up to 7 hours each. You can open up new missions with gems, but I would say save them for a later time.

So far I have only gone through rookie and bronze tier facing off against online opponents. I like the challenge, but man you have to be quick with the combinations. Before I could blink I can see my opponent already have a few combo blocks ready to be hit with a power gem to put me down for good.

There is a leveling up system when it comes to your player cards. As you progress through ranked matches you will be rewarded points and special abilities to level up your character. There are purple card moves that will give you an extra power boost that you can swamp out. I did notice that if you link same colored gems together with characters there is a bonus, but so far Chun Li and Ryu are the only characters that have similar gems. After each ranked match you get to spin these boats surrounding E. Honda to gain more coins and gems. It is a nice random drop and a nice victory bonus.


I have to say I don’t enjoy the new 3D art style they went with and I know it is now 2017, but the old art style would have been perfect and probably ran smoother. There seem to be a few graphical hiccups in the animations and the characters in a way lose their chibi cuteness with the 3D models. There is not much going on in the background to worry about or distract you, but still, fun seeing the new assist system at work.

Pay For Victory:

It is a free-to-play game so you do have a choice to shell out some cash for extra gems and coins as well as player cards to unlock. Right now they have a deal going on for Jill Valentine of Resident Evil and I have seen some M. Bison players that have been giving me some trouble. At least you can earn your way instead of outright buying things, but you can see in the images below the price system.

It can be a bit pricey, especially when some upgrades can cause you a thousand coins. This is where I usually have a problem when in game contest cost more than a full price video game, but as with every free-to-play game. Play it at your own risk!

The Bad:

There are some lag issues and if you have a message when entering a pvp match saying, “Can’t connect to server” or “can’t find a match” just put your phone in Airplane mode and come back out of it. This trick jump starts the servers again so you can get into more battles and of course Wi-Fi helps a lot.


Puzzle Fighter is worth the download and it is fun to get into, but be patient with it since it just came out there will be some hiccups. Be sure to send in reports so that the developers will know and help us fix said problems. I have yet to spend currency yet, but I know that I might soon if I see Felicia show up in the game sometime soon, but as of right now I am good with the characters I am currently leveling up.


Sadly, gamers are getting hip to the whole “gambling system” of these games where you pay with gems or in-game content which you do get loot chest at the end of matches with random drops. At times it is dropped from characters you are not using and that is bad for those with an addiction. Because you are competing to be the best at a game you enjoy, but you will have to throw down real money at times to achieve that goal.

In the end Puzzle Fighter for the Android Mobile device gets 3.5 paws out of 5. Check it out for yourself and I hope to see you on the battlefield gamers. – Beast Out


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