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2018 is a New year with new games and winter ain’t wasting no time folks. Well for those of you PC folks who love fulling your steam libraries, you can mark your calendars as well because we got the scoop on an upcoming mystery game that hit’s steam next month. For those of you looking for a little mystery to add to your steam library, “A Case of Distrust” is the game for you. Time to go back in time where Bootlegging is the business and Monsters running things in a world where a Private Detective is on her own.

This intriguing mystery thriller takes players back to San Fransisco 1924 where they’ll have to rely on good old fashion detective work in order suspects slipping. This intense thriller goes beyond just collecting evidence. Players skills are put to the test as they will have to analyze evidence, comb-over suspects statements and uses their wits to unravel a lie. The evidence is scattered throughout various interactive environments such as underground speakeasies, billiards, classic barber shops, and much more.

This title is a mix of Sherlock Holmes meets Pheonix RIght which if you ask me sounds like it will be as entertaining as it is intriguing. So do you think you are up for it? Can you solve the case? IF you’re looking for something fresh and a break away from all the triple-A DLC, Season Pass, bank-busting titles this year; and want to put that brain to work, then check out A Case of Deception. As for the big scoop, check back to KumaZoku for the in-depth review this February 2018.



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