Bloodstained Build and Crafting Update

I have not done an update in a long time so I will take this time to catch everyone up that is not aware of this upcoming title from the creator of Castlevania.

Let’s take a look at what exactly is BloodStained.

  • An exploration-focused, side-scrolling platformer featuring RPG and crafting elements. Koji Igarashi, the namesake of “Igavania”-style games, is leading the project, with Michiru Yamane composing the music and Inti Creates leading the development.

“You are Miriam, an orphan scarred by an alchemist curse which slowly crystallizes your skin. You must battle your way through a demon-filled castle summoned by Gebel, your old friend whose body has become more crystal than flesh.”

It is one of those race against time scenario as you are not just battling demons, but your own curse that will soon take you over. I like games with the double risk, especially where the hero may not be a hero and has a selfish goal which is not too bad. I am not saying that is the case here, but it does have the self-preservation motivation.

The crafting element portion is what we shall be talking about today. Obviously, I am a bit late on spreading the news but this is for those that might have passed this game up, but let’s get to the meat of this post and that is all about the latest video below.

“Hello everyone, this is IGA. For this backer update, we would like to share a part of the crafting system we introduced during the initial campaign. I don’t know whether we should call it crafting or alchemy, but the mechanics are the same either way—you can combine items to make yourself new items and equipment. In the video, you can watch us concoct a more powerful potion and add some bite to Miriam’s basic whip.”

I like the next part of this update:

You might ask, “Would you really call gluing spiky things onto a whip alchemy?” Well, maybe, maybe not. But that’s a simple introduction to crafting. Players can visit Johannes, an alchemist friendly to Miriam, to craft items. 

If I can craft weaponry that will give me a deadlier edge against demons than a thorn whip is the right move, but that is my brutal opinion. As an extra bonus, they let out a tease stating that crafting weapons and items will not be the only thing that you can do. The developers want to focus more on the porting as of right now. However, it is a challenge that they are welcoming, but they are teasing a new enemy that we will encounter.

What is a game of this nature without its flying enemies that will be a pest, but fun to kill? I have to say being a backer has been an enjoyable experience because supporting games in this way feel as if we are part of the development. We are now in 2018 and things are getting interesting. That is it for now, but we shall see you next time for the next update. Be sure to check out Bloodstained Social media on twitter and facebook. I shall see you next time for a new update gamers. – Beast Out

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