Develop. 4 Update for Fornite BR

Sup gamers and Happy Monday. Right now there is some new Battle Royale news for those of you that are enjoying the free-to-play shooter which is gaining a lot of popularity. Let us take a gander at what they have for you players out there.

The top things that are being looked into are Service Stability Issues, Ongoing Optimization, 60fps on consoles, West Coast (US) and Brazilian servers. So far the Service and Stability issues remain to be a bit of an issue, but they seem to be taking in measures to revamp login issues that are apparent if you are in the lucky pool dealing with them.

We were not able to stay ahead of our continued growth and multiple of our backend services have been struggling under load the last several weeks (e.g. friends functionality and general login service). And we also shipped v2.3.0 with significant bugs.
We don’t consider either acceptable. We have changed our release plans & processes to help improve quality of client builds, and scrambled people to make traction on backend scalability by any means possible.

Shortening the time to go from the Lobby to getting right into the game is important in my opinion and the developers feel the same way naturally. In that the developers are working around the clock on load time improvements and of course smoother experiences as you build as well as dominate in the field. The main goal they are shooting for is to run at a solid 20 Hz even at the start of the match. Good Luck team on that.

Better Graphics Baby! Yes, so later on this month there is a plan to add 60fps to consoles and I do mean all the Consoles if that is not clear enough. Xbox One, Xbox One X, PS4 and PS4 Pro just to clarify for those wondering. In technical terms this will be optimized for all consoles to give you better framerates, but the next move should be a Nintendo Switch port…just saying.

Ping issues are never good and this is for the West Coast US and Brazilian players. Both will get servers for the Xbox which seems to be the main issues that has been addressed. This will give you better connection options.

Visually Stunning

The one thing I enjoy the most about Fortnite is the cartoonish art style that makes it stand out from other shooting games. In that they have added some new costumes and of course new parachute gear to unlock. In this case check out this new glider that will be popping up in the stores soon.

Additionally, they added a few other items to take a gander at especially listening to fans, in this case, a Reddit user /u/Pandanapper who created the Llama Unicorn Pickaxe which is funny and will be fun to use.

They have even given gamers visual items to certain items and weaponry. The point is for gamers to feel like their own character which I can get behind and below is a demo reel of the Party Animal Pickaxe.

Many good things are happening with Fortnite, but I encourage you to read the full post on the developers blog that talk more in-depth on Limited Time Modes, Social Events, and Audio improvements for those of you that like to scout out the area by listening to who those foot steps of the enemy. But, before I go there is talks about Battle Pass Season 3 which will be announced soon, so stay tuned for that information when it drops. You can check out our full review of Fortnite Battle Royale by clicking this here and I hope you enjoyed this update. – Beast Out
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