Fight List for Evo is Live but Some are not Happy

What is up gamers and check this news out as we finally have a list of the fighting games that will be showcased at this years Evo 2018.

For those that do not know The Evolution Championship Series is a yearly event held in Las Vegas where Fighting Game Community comes to together to battle one another in different games. Each year holds a different list of games. Here is the Official list.

That is a pretty decent list, but I am a Jack of all trades in this gaming world and I saw some reactions from a few of my FGC friends. They are not amused that a particular game is not added to the roster and many of you know which game I am referring too.

To be real about this ordeal I am shocked myself being that Marvel Vs Capcom series was anticipated and has been in all the Evo. I am even more surprised no one has tried to put in the classic games which I still do own on my PS3. To be fair the game has not been getting rave reviews and has fallen short too many anticipations. I had to ask Shadowjin his feelings on the matter.

“I feel as though the line up for Evo is lacking this year. Mainly because, of the absence of Marvel vs Capcom. Unfortunately, I feel like the downfall of that stems between Capcom and the fans.” – Shadowjin

How So?

“Capcom presented something that you could tell wasn’t quite up to par compared to the previous titles in the series. The game looked rough around the edges, the cast was basically pulled straight up from Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. Not all of them but, enough to make you wonder what they were going for. Fans of the series are very particulate. So when have such a small cast and a lot of them are from the last game, fans are going to be disappointed and rag on it.” – Shadowjin
Why do you feel that Melee should be retired and what would be the benefit of Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite?
“I believe it’s time to let it go. Granted they’re different games but, in the same series. Street Fighter 3rd strike is one of the best Street Fighter games. However, that hasn’t been in EVO’s line up for years. Marvel could benefit from having a proper stage presentation unlike Battle for Stones.” – Shadowjin
I also want to point out that the list is kind of small compared to the previous years of Evo. I don’t even see Mortal Kombat on the list which is a shocker, but this is an interesting turnout for Arc System Works having 3 titles in Evo. In that, I want to read your thoughts on the matter. How do you feel about the line of fighting games and what would you like to have seen at Evo?

Be sure to check for registration which is opening this week by clicking this link here on the Evo Website. I hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to check back for future updates. – Beast Out

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