Import Review: Kamen Rider Climax Fighters

When a game comes out that is pure fan service, it tends to go one of two ways at times. The one thing I am at times annoyed by is that many good games never make it to the USA market. I stopped by J&L games to check out there import selections which I have not done in a long time. I came across Kamen Rider Climax Fighters for the PS4 which came out in 2017. I thought I give it a shot and to give you a heads up if you want to get this game, please get the Asia version which has full subtitles, unlike the Japanese version which is fully Japanese text. That is the fun in translation though.

This is going to be a simple review since there is no story to talk about or find. That was the disappointing part since this is all about fighting and using all the Kamen Riders available throughout the series. The first thing you have is the mission mode that will teach you all the tricks of this game, I highly recommend going into this and there are many videos showcasing on how to progress. There is a Versus mode where you and the computer or another player locally can have at it. Then you have your glorious Online battle, but if you do not have the means to have an import account you will be stuck in an empty room. If you do then be prepared for some fun battles.

There are a few die-hard players out there and I have to admit I am not surprised.


Kamen Rider CF will feature a single player battle or a two v two system. You can switch between opponent with your lock-on targeting quite easy, but be sure to watch your back when you do. The attacks are vicious and you can get toppled easily. There is an Evolution drive which kicks your powers into high gear and causes high damage. You are locked in an arena area, so there is no room for ring outs or scene transitions.

There are 28 riders to choose from and my favorites so far at Masked Rider Faiz, Masked Rider Wizard and Masked Rider Hibiki. The controls are each are simple with Square as your light, Triangle for Heavy attacks and then you hit the touch pad to activate the evolution drive. It is a nice cinematic transformation and if used properly you can do a finisher, so use it wisely.


It stands on its own utilizing the power fo the PS4 and it looks pleasing. Each character has its own personality and I am sure fans will appreciate the little quirks that the riders do before the match begins. I would not mind if the levels were a bit more lively kind of like what W.M.A.C Masters had where we fight one another and have to deal with enemies at the same time.

The music score is waht most fans are raving about since the Japanese import has some special features that the Asia version doesn’t have. It is just the downside fo the translation.

The Bad:

If the fact that it wasn’t an import title it kills the mood to continue playing since there is no story mode to get into. Being that it is an import title is the downside that and the Japanese version is only for collectors since it comes with high res postcards of each rider. For those without a import account the online rooms are barren so, either get on google and look up an address so you can probably take on import players. This also helps with DLC and what not iff available, but it is a chore to go that length for the full experience.

The price for import titles is a bit much as well, so be prepared to job up to $98 since they have to make a profit for limited issues of these titles. But again this is for fans and collectors.


Kamen Rider: Climax Fighters is fun and as a base fighters pretty good, but its only downside is that the price and it being an import release only so it is not going to be appealing to your average gamer. If you do want the Kamen Rider experience you will get what you ask for as a straight forward fighter, but again pick up the Asia version if you want the English subtitles. I give it 3 paws out of 5 being that I went through all the missions and the trophies are easy to get for those that are hunters.

I hope you enjoyed this short review of Kamen Rider: Climax Fighters which is available now on the PS4 and you can pick it up at J&L Game Store. No we are not sponsored just supporting the local businesses here in New York City. – Beast Out


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