Monster Hunter World Review

Greetings hunters all and welcome to our review of Monster Hunter World which we shall be playing on the PlayStation 4, but it is available on the Xbox One. PC folks will have to wait later this fall, but do not worry that’s why we are here to show you what you will be in for.

This will be the abridged version the video review which you can check out below.


If this is your first experience in Monster Hunter than welcome and prepare to scream, run and dodge your way out of some hairy situations. You and your handler venture off to the new world in order to tame the habitat populated by powerful monsters. You are part of the Fifth fleet, but during your journey, you run into a gigantic Monster Zorah Magdaros. This dude is the equivalent to Godzilla for real. This leads to most of your fleet destroyed, but you and many others arrive safely only to get shipped out again to discover why Zorah is drawn to the new world!

Honestly, I feel that is none of our business but since he the one starting mess by destroying our ship and all. He needs to have a stern talking too.


  • Replay value is high with many hours of farming and hunting to be had.
  • Armor sets can be mixed up and all feature special buffs and elemental effects to help you in battle.
  • Each hunt will grant you access to retry the this time capture with a more humane approach.
  • Animations are fluid and the world itself is full of life and hazards that will keep you on your toes.
  • Co-op is fun, but if you can’t get people soloing is a blast with your A.I palico companion, however you can use a signal flare to recruit random hunters to help you out.


  • Camera angles can be your worst enemy which is a factor that many gamers have for years. Why must we have to fight with the camera all the time especially when it goes behind the background that ruins your line of sight.
  • Co-op is not that great since you can only co-op in main missions if A. A Hunter has done it already and  B. You have already seen the cut-scene. That should have been something that could have been a drop in drop out at will.


Great game, with great graphics, sweet controls and amazing monsters to fight. The storyline is sub-par, but I hardly paid that much attention to the story much. It doesn’t take much to get into just find the weapons you feel comfortable with and learn the ins and outs of each weapon. Hold on to as many ingredients as possible and be prepared for each mission. I have everything in detail in my video below so be sure to check that out.

Final Verdict for Monster Hunter World 4.5 paws out of 5. Thank you for checking out the review and I hope to see you next time. Be sure to check out to get your copy and many other titles that help us in the long run. – Beast Out


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