Nelo Alpha Update is Here

I don’t know how many of you backed this game up like I did, but if you did not I am here to give you the update on this crazy high octane shooter from Magic & Mirrors. We are going to dive into this video showcasing some of the new things coming to this alpha build.

This latest update touches base on the new control schemes and their improvements which should give you a better fluid experience. As you read through I will touch base on a few important things that I find that needs to be pointed out.


  • Control Layout for Gamepad and Mouse and Keyboard have been reassigned. -improved crouch responsiveness
  • Soft jumping removed
  • Crouching can be triggered when in sprint when at lower speeds like when running into a wall
  • Air dash has controllable distances based on how long the dash button has been held.
  • Air dash now uses the same counter as dodges
  • Air dash, like ground dodges, now have I-frames when triggered
  • Air dashing can cancel melee attacks performed in the air, in exception of drop attacks.
  • Dodging and Hyper blitz can now be performed while wall-running.
  • Player Gravity scale lowers when performing aim and some melee attacks when in the air.
  • Players will resume Hyper blitz when holding down the sprint button after landing. This also applies when initiating wall running.
  • Aim can trigger Bullet Time when using Melee attacks and in OmniFire.
  • Added ability to cycle through alternative firing formations in OmniFire.
  • Stun bomb doesn’t require holding down the ‘bomb’ button.
  • Shield has timing feature that can extend shield lifespan.


Going into the details of Nelo it is actually offering some impressive features including this crafting system that will make your character powerful. This is how it breaks down.

  • Create Weapons, Power-ups, and Utilities using materials found in the world. -Destructible objects will drop resources for Crafting.
  • Scanner Nodes and Fusion Nodes are now a Crafting Resource. and Node Gates require a Key made from the Nodes.
  • Crafting Resources can also be found in Platforming sections.
  • Standard Weapon Lockers have been replaced with Resource Builders where you can trade credits and tokens earned from combat for Crafting Resources.
  • Weapon Lockers needed for specific areas remain weapon lockers. They now, however, use a different mesh asset to distinguish from the Resource Builder

Split Screen Endurance:

Bringing local play to a PC game is weird to me, but is welcomed in many cases, but I do hope there is an online version of this as well.

  • Local 2 player split-screen is now a feature in Endurance mode.
  • As for this build, Mouse and Keyboard support isn’t fully functional. You can try it but expect many problems if you do. We recommend plugging 2 gamepads into your PC.

There is also talks about Helmet Unlocks, a new progressive system that will feature high scores and difficulties. Improvements to Solace and Aurora’s Sacrifice and there is a truckload of improvements that I am happy they listened, especially about decreasing the motion blur which was giving me a slight headache. Check it out.

  • Added Aim and OmniFire Tutorial prompt on Solace.
  • Recreated scoreboard to display nearly unlimited high scores. High scores are displayed on scrollable cards and are color-coded by difficulty.
  • Prompt Next to technique meter notifying low technique has been added to the HUD to somewhat clarify discouraging repetitive gameplay strategies.
  • Hud layout has been re-arranged a bit. Technique meter and Slow-mo meter have been moved above the crosshairs framing the health and stamina bars.
  • Throwing enemies have been buffed. Throw velocity has been decreased to prevent overshooting, grab radius has been increased and enemy explosion damage has been increased.
  • Field of view increases to 120 when in OmniFire.
  • OmniFire world transparency shader has been modified. We replaced the Dither AA effect and replaced it with a fading grid pattern to reduce onscreen blurring.
  • Motion Blur Amount has been decreased to %12 of what was in previous builds. Motion blur is also only visible when in the third person shooting mode so it’s disabled when in Omnifire and using Melee Attacks.


That is just a taste of it, but please check out the video below giving you some an extensive look into what to expect for those that have not tried out the new update. I hope you enjoy and be sure to check out my stream of Nelo on my Twitch Channel by clicking here. In that looking forward to a final build of Nelo and keep up the good work developers! – Beast Out –

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