Story and Features of Extinction

What is a Sentinel? For those that don’t know it is a guard who watches out for intruders as well as preventing surprise attacks. You are Avil, one of the last remaining sentinels charged in keeping the order alive and their teachings in taking on the Ravenii. Ravenii is massive 150-foot ogres that are terrorizing this world and it is up to you to put an end to their carnage. Being that you are a trainee this is going to be one hell of a first day!

“As far back as anyone can remember, humanity has been at war with itself. For generations, kingdoms have fought amongst themselves while the real threat loomed in the distance. Legend calls them the Ravenii, encroaching armies of bloodthirsty monsters standing 150 feet tall that once threatened to destroy humankind. Now the threat has returned, and only those trained in the ways of the ancient order stand a chance at defeating the ogres. You are one of the world’s last Sentinels, a soldier named Avil equipped with the skills to battle the endless wave of Ravenii.”

In the story portion of the trailer which you will see below the world is in chaos where people are fighting one another and destroying their own world. Not until one day a portal rips open and the Ravenii walk through as if they are showing you a true hell that has come upon the people. This is one of those situations that one would assume a greater power was unleashed so people will band together finally to fight something other than themselves. That’s one way to wake people up and find peace among themselves.

  • Deep Story Campaign. Protect the human population across an abundant story campaign, rescuing as many civilians as possible and taking down brutal opponents.
  • Dynamic Side Missions. Complete numerous side missions with varied objectives, earning upgrades to aid you in your campaign.
  • Skill-Based Combat. Travel horizontally and vertically, perform wall runs, and use your whip as a vault to execute devastating air assaults. Master dynamic combat maneuvers to effectively traverse the giant beasts and expose their weak points, progressing along different skill trees to develop a path best suited to your playstyle.
  • Interactive Environment. Move freely around a fully destructible environment, and use objects throughout the world to your strategic advantage.
  • Innumerable Battle Scenarios. Every battlefield is different from the last, ensuring a unique combat situation each time you play.
  • Skirmish Mode. Create unique battlegrounds and challenge players online to compete for the top score.
  • Extinction Mode. Fight off a continuous horde of assailants as wave after wave of ogres and their minions attack without relent.

Keep your enemies guessing with unpredictable combat skills. If you’ve ever played the Marvel Vs. Origins game on PS3 then you would know about Iron Galaxy being known for their combat. What is unique about Iron Galaxy and their take on combat in Extinction is how every other action game gives you one or two attacks that can become repetitive at times even if it is in a rhythm. What they want for players is to get a better understanding of different combat scenarios in which you can do cancels while fighting. You get knock ups, AOE (area of effect) attacks, single target attacks, Knock Ups that go into Air Combos, and you can latch on enemies with your whip to pull towards them.

There is a lot of fun to be had that will keep the combat fresh each time. Then you have the Ogres themselves in which you will have to weaken them before you can perform your final strike. There will be Ogres with armor that you will have to damage off and other hazards that armor can attack you back. In the end, you will need to sever the ogres head to end the fight. Dolorum will need you to expand your variety of paths with your combat skills to save them from this terror.

Extinction will be available on April 10, 2018, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. Hopefully, you will check back to see our review. – Beast Out



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