Are we Ready for PS5?

Here is the breakdown folks. Video Game Consoles usually have a shelf life of 5 years, depending on situations and popularity. Now, it gets tricky in this day and age where some of us don’t see a huge technological leap right now. For example Sega Master System – Genesis – Saturn and finally Dreamcast. That leap between those systems was amazing. Now we have PSOne to PS2 to PS3 and then when PS4 came out, it wasn’t that much of a huge difference, but the system itself was better and offered something more, but significantly less when it came to the dashboard.

The day is March 9th when the news started flooding, but it is the right time since we are coming up to E3 in June. But, I can’t help but sit down and think as I am looking at my PS4, “Do we really need an upgrade right now?” However, we should not jump the gun because nothing is coming out right now. I have to say and after chatting with my peoples the other night on this same subject, I had to rethink my concerns. Right now dev kits are being sent out to developers to see what they can do and what to expect from the new system that may not come out until 2021.

Right now the biggest talks are surrounding the developers of TrueSky and his Simul Software founder Roderick Kennedy. This new engine will develop some realistic sky simulation where we have beautiful renders of day to night changes and well as dynamic weather conditions to give players a realistic feel. This program is available right now for developers and indie developers.

“TrueSKY works a little bit like a post-processor. We take the rendered scene, including the depth buffer. We render the clouds to a lower-resolution buffer using a bespoke real-time raytracing algorithm, and we create tables of atmospheric scattering that change over time. Then each frame we composite all these elements together with the full-resolution image. Using depth information, we can blend volumetric clouds in between 3D objects and scenery, so although the clouds are lower-resolution, they occupy real space in the scene. We’ve done a lot of work lately to ensure that it works well with VR – Everest VR from Solfar is a great showcase for this.”

I will admit that I put a back seat to graphics in some games because there are a lot of beautiful looking games that do not play well or have a dull storyline, but when it comes to games like Skyrim, ESO, GTA, Need For Speed and recently Monster Hunter. These games would be beautiful with this engine, don’t get me wrong they are pretty amazing right now, but we are talking about the future.

Moving away from that engine, I was just going around the net as I was seeing this topic blowing up and I am disappointed that hardly anyone is saying anything justified about why we need the PS5. Other than the usual that we need something new to look at or they are tired and demand a new toy. I can only speak for myself what I would like for the PS5 that failed with the PS4.

  • It better be Backwards compatible with the PS4 and I would like to have access to my games that I already purchased unlike what happened with the PS3.
  • Servers definitely need improvement or better protection.
  • (personal request) getting rid of programs I do not use and that are taking up space would be a nice option.

Everything else about the system is fine by me and also it seems the focus is just on Sony’s next system, not hearing about much on the Xbox front which I would not expect a high demand on a new console. Also, Nintendo Switch is already ahead of the game being only a year old with their new console that is native 1080p stationed and then switches to 720p on the go. It still remains though, are we ready for the PS5? Since the prediction is 2021, I think it would be justified by then.

What say you gamers, are you ready? Is it time to start looking into development on the system? Nintendo right now is talking about going beyond 5 years with the Switch. But realistically these systems do last longer than the initial 5-year point like the PS2 which lasted for a decade and now we are seeing the return of classic games like SNES, Dreamcast, and Nintendo all making returns.

If you will, please share your thoughts in the comments section and let’s discuss our thoughts. – Beast Out

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