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“God said humanity took a good idea and, like always, built a belief structure on it. I think it’s better to have ideas. You can change an idea. Changing a belief is trickier…” – Rufus

I had to start the review with that quote from my favorite movie Dogma because the character Rufus touched base on a lot of good issues regarding the bad choices of humanity. In Far Cry 5, we witness the power of someone with strong beliefs can do a community filled with what he considered folks that have lost their way like stray sheep in the eyes of the lord. Welcome to our review of Far Cry 5.


How would you like it when some unknown stranger comes into your town preaching the “Good Word” and expect you to fall in line to have “Faith”. If you don’t than Joseph Seed is here to make you see the true meaning of faith. The citizen of Hope is in for the wrong side of the word of the Lord and savior. These Radical people are believers and if you don’t believe, it is like spitting on their own faith and they will not stand for that. With fear, you can get a lot of people to see it your way or end up burning in their idea of hell…literally. You are here as a rookie with the Marshalls to finally take in Joseph Seed alias “The Father” with his followers the Projects of Edens Gate or Peggies as the locals call them.

You have to appreciate their tactics of sneaking with talk of peace only to infiltrate your area and slowly changing things for their own needs. It is that time to bring the father in for criminal acts including kidnapping, illegal possession of firearms and of course murder, but when you are surrounded by believers of his faith, things don’t go according to plan. Damn this sucks being the rookie in a town surrounded by enemies.


Far Cry is known to take gamers on a survival journey where you start off normal and tossed into an upside-down world of chaos. You will have to catch yourself and re-establish control quick to take down the threats. This time around Far Cry bring us to the United States of America where “Freedom” rings. This is an Open-World First Person Shooter experience with the same mobility as previous titles. You will have your sprint into a crouch slide. You will have an abundance of weaponry to use and customize to your liking. This is the first step before you venture out is to pick your gender and then customize the rest to your liking. Even down to the clothing which sadly doesn’t give you any additional perks especially since I unlocked the riot gear from Rainbow Six Siege.

The best part is the looting system where once you take out an enemy you can search their body for money or items that will suit your needs. I also recommend picking up any and all weaponry that will automatically become yours so you do not have to buy them in the shop. Once you do find a shop you can just pick up the weapon and add it to an unlocked slot. What you will have to purchase are upgrades that will enhance your weapons. So far my Favorite is using the melee weapons where I am all about the baseball bat currently. Sneaking up behind enemies and clocking them over the head is satisfying and the sounds match things so well.

Building your resistance will make things easier for you. It is all about liberating camps and or areas in order to build your own army to fight against the Peggies. There will be active side missions all over the place where you will have to destroy certain Peggie vehicles or take out the drivers to free some kidnapped people. At times you will get a request to rescue some resistance fighters and you will have to take caution because the way you perform the mission will determine how many people will survive. This also grants you access to some particular pets that will become a friend and will have their own set of perks to aid you in your fight as you will see in the video as I save Cheeseburger.

Speaking of Sneaking we are now going to touch base on the perks which most of you know are crucial in every Far Cry game. This is where you build your character up to be a better force to be reckoned with. There are Five Perk categories that each have a row of ten slots to fill up. As you do challenges you will unlock perk points to use in each slot. I recommend getting the grappling hook perk, swimming perk, and health booster. Just to start things off smooth, but you can build your character the way you wish.

Crafting will always be a priority in Far Cry when it comes to building enhancements or explosive items which are my favorite. You can also build on the fly with items you have gathered in the woods or off dead enemies. My personal favorite is remote detonators and dynamite.

Hiring back up can and will save your life. There are regular NPC hires and then you have the special list of people to hire that come with extra perks. If you want someone to deal in anti-air then you should have Hurk Durbman on your side since he carries a heat seeking rocket launcher. You can go to the leader perk area to put points into each special character that will respawn quicker if they are downed and you can’t revive them. I was actually surprised to see Hurk pick me up after I was downed since the regular hires didn’t seem to do that.

Vehicles are pretty easy to manage, I didn’t try the plane, but the helicopter actually was simple to use vs. others games I’ve played and I would recommend it as the best way to travel. Boats work like a boat is to be expected which means if you go to hard on the throttle you will lose some control, but still fun in a high-speed chase which you can fire your weapon pretty easily.


Far Cry 5 is based in Minnesota and you check out the full view of the country and it is amazing. I have to give it to the developers when they work on countrysides they really take it in so we as the gamers can just look at it all and appreciate it. It also works well when you are taking cover in the lush woods hiding from the peggies, but they can take advantage of it as well. For example, when I was doing a side quest to save some hostages the helicopter that was attacking us would use the sun for cover as we are in the tunnel. There is a blinding effect when looking outside that makes the whole scene as if it were a blinding light so I could not get a good shot off of it. Luckily Hurk was with me with his heat-seeking rocket that made short work of the copter.

The world is alive more than just filled with people just like any Far Cry game you will have to also deal with the wildlife that will at times hunt you even down to the simple skunk that at times will blast you. That funk is real and it stays for a moment, but I don’t like the snakes for personal reasons and those legless creatures are hard to see when you are in the brush. I have not met the deadly wildlife, but I took some time to do some fly fishing to get some Salmon for my buddy Cheeseburger the bear.
The designs of the characters are quite diverse being as huge as the world is and when you get into some trippy situations it definitely is a mind bender. There is a drug that makes the scene transition into sparkles and waves. It is like being on an acid trip I assume, but once you walk away for a moment it disappears. It is a nice effect.

The Bad:

Ubisoft still has its flaws when it comes to glitches where characters melt through objects or even A.I character don’t respond well to commands. There are at times where I am being attacked by my own A.I friend who shot me with a Missle twice! This story campaign could have easily been a nice 2 to 3 player co-op since that extra slot is for an A.I person when you have two players.


Far Cry 5 is another great addition to the series and it seems the developers keep improving each title with each sequel. It is made to be replayed many times and the added bonus of the Arcade area is a nice touch where you can enjoy with more players. I love exploring and hunting for supplies and animals as well as having my handy pet companions take on Peggies with me. Even with some minor glitches, I am still enjoying the world full of life and the commentary from the characters are enjoyable to listen too. Sound effects are the best that I have heard from the car crashes to me using the bat across an enemies head. They all sound beautiful and since I am using my HyperX headset, even hearing the rattlesnakes make me jump and look around.

All and all playing over the weekend I had a great experience and I can’t wait to continue on with my buddies where I am still doing many side quest without even touching on the main story. You will always be in combat fighting peggies since they do not give you breathing room at all. In that, I give Far Cry 5 4 paws out of 5. Be sure to pick it up when it officially drops on March 27th, 2018 and please be sure to check out Play-Asia.com which helps us out in the long. – Beast Out

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