Noctis Tekken 7 DLC 3 Details

Welp, I for one am shocked by the turn out of Final Fantasy XV which from the demo looked promising, however, it wasn’t my cup of tea. I did like the combat style of each player though and it seems they want to bring that same style to Tekken 7 coming March 20th. Let’s dive into some details.

Seems to me a lot of crossover characters are coming to Tekken 7 lately after getting Akuma, Geese Howard and now Noctis Lucis Caelum of Square Enix invading the battle. Not only that but we are getting a new stage Hammerhead. There will be some interesting alternate costumes for him as well, but I am more interested in the play style that he shall bring to the table. There will be a few alternate costumes to choose from.

  • Casual Outfit
  • Royal Raiment
  • Choco-Mog Style
  • Fighting Kings Raiment
  • Kingly Raiment

I kind of feel like he should have been in Soul Calibur with that fighting style to be honest. Not much else to say, but check out the launch trailer below and be sure to check back to our Thursday Night Kumite’s on my channel with my homie Obidebo. – Beast Out


Source: Bandai Namco
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