TMNT Injustice 2 DLC Review

What’s up everybody! It’s ShadowJin out here and as we all know (and for those who don’t know) Injustice 2 has had some interesting DLC characters. Some were surprising like Hellboy and some were kind of expected like Sub- Zero from the Mortal Kombat universe due to the fact NetherRealm studios works on both Injustice and Mortal Kombat. Plus Scorpion was in the last Injustice so no big shocker there. However, NetherRealm studios decided to up the ante and gave us possibly the best guest character(s) in a fighting game. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

That’s right, the Turtles we all grew up with and love are all handing out shell-shocked beat downs to some of your favorite DC heroes and villains in the game. I honestly wanted to see Spawn make an appearance but, how can you be mad at the Turtles though right?! Now even though they take up only one character slot, you can choose which turtle you want to actually play as. You just simply customize your turtle’s weapon and they’ll become that character. For example, if you give Leonardo the nunchucks, he’ll become Michelangelo. Same with the bo staff for Donnie and the Sai blades for Ralph.

Now at first, thought it was gonna be a rip off where they all play the same but, they took the time and dedication to represent these characters the way they should be done. They share maybe one or two moves but, other than that they are completely different. Each turtle has certain unique traits that they can use in the fight.

Leonardo has a very direct playstyle with his twin katana blades. The cool part about him is that his special trait comes with 3 bars. Each bar is for the other individual turtles to come in and assist Leo in his battle. This is one of his best tools. Ralph, unlike his brothers, he has a parry move. He also has a move that gets him hyped up, which helps build his special trait which is very similar to Catwoman’s auto-combo trait. In my opinion, he’s probably the weakest of his brothers in this game.

Next up we have Donnie! As we all know Donnie is know for his ass-kicking Bo Staff and using his brains whether it be outsmarting them or having some really cool gadgets. Luckily for us, Donnie is packing three different kinds of gadgets and they’re used as a special trait. Now even though there are three different options to choose from he only has one special trait bar, unlike Leonardo. One gadget destroys all projectiles that pass through it, the second gadget pulls the opponent towards Donnie once they step in the area of it and the third gadget quickly zaps the ground making your opponent unable to jump for about 10 seconds.

And last but, least we have Mikey! If you wanna go wild and have fun Mikey might be up your ally. From turtle break dancing to shredding it up with his skateboard, Mikey has some cool combos. His special trait allows him to ride his rad board and hit the opponent with an overhead move, a quick low sweep by or just kickflip the board right at their face.

After having a decent amount of time playing with them, I have to say that Mikey and Donnie are my personal favorite out of the four to play with. They really peak my interest as far as combo potentials and gameplay. NetherRealm studios once again did a great job bringing these characters to life in the game. They did the Turtles justice with each of their personalities in the dialogue they have with the other characters. There are some Easter eggs to if you’ve ever played any of the older Ninja Turtle games. Another great thing is that they made them easy for everyone to pick them up and play them too. Now if only we could get a company to remake TMNT Tournament Fighters…

Hopefully you ladies and gents enjoyed this article. Please be sure check out the other articles that we have. Till next time gamers, this is ShadowJin and remember …. GAME ON!

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