Yakuza 6: The Song of Life Review

Never the series to disappoint, Yakuza 6: The Song of Life is another gem Sega has to offer. With its sleek new engine, intense story, and tons of mini-games and side missions; Yakuza 0 defiantly a must have for any gamers collection! Please keep in mind that this is a review sent by Sega and we are under strict rules not to give away any spoilers. We want you to have the same experience and we plan to stick to what is key and what works.


Now if you’re one of those peeps trying to play catch and haven’t play Yakuza 5 yet, spoiler alert! This entire section is chopped full of em! So proceed at your own will!

After the events of Yakuza 5, the king of Kick-Ass, 4th Chairman, Dragon of Dojima, the legendary Kiryu Kazuma once again can’t catch a break. After being somehow curbed stomped by Masato Aizawa with an unhealed bullet wound, the police literally waste no time arresting Kiryu to serve a three-year sentence (as if doing 10 for a murder he never committed wasn’t enough?). While in the pin the Tojo Clan per usual can’t keep it together for more than 2 seconds without Kiryu around to put the paws on all the corrupt Yakuza fighting for the top spot. Go figure. A “suspicious” (*coughs* set up *coughs*) fire is set to the Little Asia part of Kamurocho which sparks an all-out war between the Tojo Clan and the Chinese Mafia aka Triads that are taking over. As the Tojo Clan starts falling apart, so does the life of one of Kiryu’s adopted children, Haruka Sawamura. After her controversial retirement from the idol industry, at the height of her blossoming career, her life becomes a media frenzy; So much so it threats the dreams of her foster siblings at the orphanage. And with that, she exists and disappears off the face of the map.

Fast forward 3 years later and Kiryu is fresh out the pin free from scrapping with punks, Kamurocho, and most importantly the Tojo Clan… or so he thought. Upon hearing about Haruka’s disappears he goes off in search of her and ends up right back where his Yakuza career started in Kamurocho. But he’s a little too late when he does find her, she is the victim of a so-called “accident” (*coughs* set up *coughs*) that leaves her in a coma. To add icing on top of the BS, Kiryu finds out that he’s now a grandfather. More determined than ever to put the paws on the baby daddy, Kiryu heads to the location of Haruka’s last known whereabouts. But a simple Baby Daddy search turns into another endless rabbit hole. One of deception, crime, secrecy, and of course, Yakuza.


There’s always one word that comes to mind with the Yakuza series and that is “innovation.” Where a lot of series often struggle with this concept, Sega has perfected it with Yakuza. The game is running on a new engine and it is amazing. The graphics are higher rez than ever. With all that is going on in the city, Kiryu moves effortlessly with 0 lag what so ever.

The combat is kick ass point blank. Not only can players perform the action backed high damage inflicting Heats, but they can enter Heat Mode to really give punks a proper Dragon of Dojima beating. The new engine also lets fights go anywhere. Players can beat down take it from the streets to restaurants and convenient stores which makes for some pretty hilarious heat actions.

As always there are tons of substories but despite the 3-year stunt, the Dragon of Dojima kept with the times and got a smartphone that gave players access to more missions than what on the street. Players can check “Trouble” or play the new minigame “Clan Creator” to play a ton of side stories.

Sega didn’t sleep on the other minigames as most have been changed around so that fans of the series can experience new forms of gameplay. The hostess club mini-game has been completely redone and there’s even a sexy web chat game that features real-life cam girls (might wanna play that one when no one’s around). Even the arcade features the full Virtual Fighter 5 Final Showdown in which players can actually gain EXP from playing!


Now I know what you’re thinking, I always give these games 5s. The thing is with as many installments of the Yakuza series Sega has, they have always found some way to keep it fresh. Something that is pretty hard to keep up. Some of my favorite series have tried this and have come out with a bad egg. So kudos on Sega for always keeping this title fresh and entertaining. And for that, I’m giving it a 5/5

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