Devil May Cry HD Collection Review

What makes a good series? Is it the story, the badass moments, a protagonist with a slick tongue and the skills to back it up, or is it some of the coolest bosses that you encounter throughout your journey? Whatever it is the Devil May Cry series has exactly what you need for a badass hack and slash series. The big question is: Does it still hold up?

What’s up everyone it’s ShadowJin and Dante is back! Well sorta kinda in a way. The Devil May Cry HD Collection recently released on Xbox One, PS4 and on Steam. The collection includes Devil May Cry 1-3 which are the original ones that came out on PS2. For those who don’t know of the son of Sparda, Dante is a half demon and half human who just so happens to hunt down and kill demons with a slick tongue, his Rebellion sword, and his pistols Ebony and Ivory. (Yea you read that right.) He’s got style and some of the most out of order and comedic stories ever. Although the games were released as Devil May Cry 1-3(as well as 4) the timeline gets a little bit confusing for the audience. The actual timeline goes Devil May Cry 3, 1, 4 and then 2.

The Devil May Cry HD Collection brings back all the cool and really weird things that fans loved about those game. The frustration of accidentally falling into a pit just to fight a wave of enemies just to get back to where you needed to go. Does it look better for being an HD collection? Yeah in most ways. It’s not a complete overhaul of the games. It’s more so a cleaned-up version of all three games. The combos, controls, and yes camera angles are still the same. Some people disliked the camera angles and some didn’t mind it. I mean after all, what do you expect from a game that was supposed to be a Resident Evil sequel. (Fun fact)

Even though it’s honestly a port of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version of the HD collection it’s still just as fun as it was the first time. I thoroughly enjoyed going back through the series and remembering key moments and old strategies to defeat certain bosses. Is there anything different about it that screams you need to pick this up? No, not necessarily. Plus, it’s only $30 which is awesome.

I’d still recommend it for those who have never been introduced to the series and want to see what the hype is all about. For the fans, I would encourage you to grab it if you haven’t done so already. I have a feeling though that there’s a reason Capcom decided to re-release this. With all the Devil May Cry games and yes including the alternate universe version DMC on current gen consoles, it might be time for Dante to come back and kick some demon ass again. After all last time, we saw the HD collection come out, a new Devil May Cry game came out the following year. It’s the perfect way for developers to gauge whether or not they’ll do a new entry to the series or completely reboot it. Which I really don’t think they should do.

Whatever it is that they decide to do, I hope they bring Dante back for a big adventure. Devil May Cry HD Collection gets a 4 out of 5 from me. Till next time everyone later and remember… GAME ON!

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