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You can’t have a Zombie Apocalypse without having some metal music roaring in the background. Anything that deals with a Rock Band and zombies trying to eat your flesh has to come with an interesting soundtrack of tunes and some kicka** guns. Welcome ladies and gentlemen to a new style of rhythm game in Double Kick Heroes.


This is a simple story to follow. You and your bandmates with their trusty Gundillac go through a wasteland to figure out who or what is behind the Zombie Apocalypse. The game is heavily inspired by Quintin Tarantino, Stephen King, and Robert Rodriguez with their badass styles with horror and the weird. The game definitely gives you a Grindhouse feel with their leader Lincoln scolding the team as if she is the den mother to them all. However, it seems there are more than just zombies to deal with as you notice something is definitely weird in the wasteland and it is up to you and the power of Metal to shoot down the opposition.


This is your run of the mill Rhythm game and the best part is you can use a Guitar Hero or Rockband device to play it as well. It is actually recommended as well as using an arcade stick or gamepad. A keyboard is okay, but you won’t get the same joy out of it vs. the other options. I am right now in the story mode and yes there are many different difficulties to choose from and since I am not that great with Rhythm games, I decided to stick with medium to enjoy the experience.

I am enjoying the hilarious banter between the bandmates a bit too much and meeting new characters throughout your journey is fun too. You will receive weapon upgrades as long as you keep the combo meter going and if you miss too much you will lose the upgrade until you build up the meter again. The vehicle stays stationary where you use the A and B button to shoot down and up. This is key to switching up the beat as enemies will be coming from top and bottom. However, if you pick a harder difficulty setting you will have access to more buttons hence why I see they say the drum kit from Rockband is recommended as well. ] You can just use the same button, but that will be problematic when dealing with enemies on different levels, so find your rhythm and shoot them down.

Creativity comes into play when you go into the editor. I love this feature where you can make your own levels to share with other players. Once in the editor you can choose your own music, that right goes into your own library and add your favorite songs. Then you go pick the enemies to face off on the track and finally pick the level that it will be played on. This is awesome and I hope to see other players utilizing this feature.


Double Kick Heroes takes you on a retro style 2d side scroller adventure with text to read and full animation expressions. Navigating through the map is pretty fun and even though the art style is dated, you can still enjoy the experience. It kind of has the metal version of Oregon Trail to be honest, as you venture off you will have to stop at garages for upgrades and get intel about things happening in the world.

The Art designs for all the characters are unique and fun to look at. I have to say that Snake has to be my favorite character in his Burce Lee Jumpsuit being that he is the I.T of the group. I would not mind buying a figurine of the characters in the Gundillac as a display.

Freaking music is amazing and you don’t have to worry about copyright issues since it all was originally composed of 30 songs to rock out too. I love it that game companies are starting to do that more because we like to record the games without worrying about a copyright strike.

The Bad:

Not really much bad can be side aside that I feel that there is some lag with the inputs which can be annoying. I’ve tried different controllers and it seems to be all the same and even switched to my keyboard. It will get repetitive quickly, but the storyline makes up for it in the end. You will have to be stuck reading a lot of dialogue.


I have to admit that I am not much of a rhythm gamer, but Double Kick Heroes is better than expected with a fun wasteland world to explore. There is great music to enjoy and an amazing storyline to follow which is a first for a Rhythm game dealing with Zombies as well as a groovy mad max theme with hilarious cameos. Early Access hits April 11th, so I would definitely get on steam and check it out.

Double Kick Heroes gets a 3.5 out of 5 paws. I hope you enjoyed this review and be sure to check out more by getting notified of future post by adding your email when the notification pops up. – Beast Out


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