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It has been half a decade since the last time we had a God of War game and it has been an interesting wait to hear anything of the former god making a return. It wasn’t until the PlayStation Experience in 2016 where we got a glimpse of the new Kratos in a new land and here we are with our review of God of War.

Now, thanks to my buddy Obed for pointing the person doing the fight motion capture who I have been following for years since he did real-life representations of Street Fighter and Tekken Moves. Eric Jacobus. Now it all makes sense why I was enjoying the fluid fight mechanics and all around brutality of God of War. I am glad they picked him and special thanks to him for giving us a great experience in the battles.

There are a few things that I didn’t mention due to time in my review video was the puzzle aspect of the game. Those of us that played previous G.O.W titles know that it was filled with many secrets and puzzles to enhance Kratos or you will have to solve in order to progress in the story. I noticed that I was going through the puzzles with ease, but that is because I am a veteran and it comes naturally. It is the right kind of difficult for anyone playing for the first time and you will enjoy it.

To go deeper into the building tree you will have categories in skills, weapons, and armor for both Kratos and Atreus. Simply talk to the Dwarven Brothers Sindri and Brok to upgrade all of your gear. They are both night and day, but they can hook you up with the gear you need to tackle the undead and many other creatures in the world.

I pretty much covered everything else in my video and I still admit I have no other issues with God Of War and I was trying to look for some cons to address. I have to give it to Santa Monica Studios they do not fail to impress when taking their time making a game and they really gave us a truly new experience with Kratos.

I end this review with a solid 5 out of 5 paws score. If you please check out play-asia.com to purchase your copy today and yes it does help us out, in the long run, being affiliated. In all that being said, I loved the direction they took with Kratos and that special reveal that I will let you discover is jaw-dropping. – Beast Out

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