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Ahoooy mates it’s ShadowJin here and throughout the years we’ve seen pirate games come and go. However, we’ve never seen one on a scale this big. Sea of Thieves for the Xbox One and Windows 10 invites you to its open sea world filled pirates, ship battles, undead skeletons, Booty (treasure, get your mind out the gutter otherwise you’ll be walking the plank!), hidden underwater mysteries and the worst of them all… The Kraken! Does it live up to the hype or does it sink into the unknown deep sea of the abyss?

Sea of Thieves allows its players to jump straight into the action with a group of friends or you can set sail alone. The choice is yours as to how you play the game. Throughout the game, you’ll take on different voyages that’ll lead you across the giant oceans, against other players and various landmarks. Some of these voyages will require you to figure out riddles on specific islands to see if you can find the treasure, collect certain animals like pigs or chickens, defeat old skeleton captains and their crew of undead pirates. Doing so will give you gold coins which can be used to cosmetically alter your weapons, ship, and clothes. Hopefully, you can handle all this while having to maintain your ship. Better buckle up!

When you start the game you have two choices between the Galleon or the Sloop ship. This also determines the kind of ship you’ll get in the game. I honestly would tell you that this is better to play with a group of friends. Playing by yourself leaves you open to getting your loot robbed from you or worst death. Sea of Thieves is full of danger and it’s always good to have a crew with you while playing. When you have a crew of people to play with, things get interesting as you can take over other ships, battle against raids of undead skeleton pirates, and possibly survive a fight with the Kraken! Having a crew is a huge key component to the game. Especially when you go off to do voyages.

Voyages and quest can be picked up by visiting one of three companies: The Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, and the Merchant Alliance. Complete these quests and your reputation with them level up. Allowing you to purchase new weapon skins, clothes and things for your ship. The higher your reputation gets the better rewards you get. The Gold Hoarders are exactly what they sound like. Any quest you get from them has to do with hunting down treasure chest or trinkets. Bring it back and they’ll pay you decent reward. Next up is the Order of Souls. The quest they give you will have you looking for skeleton captains and you have to bring back their skull. Not creepy at all right? Be careful though the captain won’t be alone as his crew usually hiding around and waiting to strike the moment they see you. Best to bring your crew for these kinds of voyages. Last but, not least is the Merchant Alliance. Their voyages are a bit easier I would say. You’ll mainly be catching animals and supplies to bring back to them and get rewarded. Now while you’re doing all this don’t forget to make sure your ship is in good condition to back out into the sea.

The ships are the biggest aspect of the game because, how else are you going to traverse the seas, right? Remember how I was saying that depending on if you want to play by yourself or with friends will determine what kind of ship you get? Well, they have the big ships for crews and then they also have a one-man ship. At least it still has cannons on it. Handling your ship takes a bit of work. You have to open the sails, move them in the right direction to catch the wind, steer the ship, release and drop the anchor. When your ship takes damage from cannonballs or from a nasty ordeal you had with the Kraken be sure to figure out where your ship is hit so you can patch up the holes and then use your handy bucket to get the water out your ship. Sounds like a lot, right? This is one of the big advantages of playing with a crew and as we all know you can’t expect to be a legendary pirate without a ship.

Is this game a complete must have? If you’re into pirates and have a crew of friends who want to play then sure this most definitely the game for you. If you aren’t that enthusiastic then this probably not the game for you. Besides it being one of those games where you need to have friends to play with to really enjoy the game. It really doesn’t tell you how to do much at all. Even at the start of the game, you don’t get a tutorial on how to do things or how some things work. If there was an option to have little guides pop up when you deal with a situation for the first time, I’d be cool with that but, not knowing what to do can be very frustrating for players. The graphics are cool in its own way with its cartoonish style and almost realistic approach to the look and feel of the sea. But after a while, it doesn’t feel too rewarding. Weapons and ships have no stats so it’s all cosmetics. For me, Sea of Thieves gets a 3 out of 5. That’ not saying it’s not fun but, after a while, you’ll want to give yourself a break.

This is ShadowJin signing out and remember gamers……. GAME ON!



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