Shining Resonance Refrain Heroes: Meet the party

It’s 2018 and summer is right around the corner. While most peeps will be getting ready for endless tanning, fireworks lighting up the sky, and eternal grilling, us gamers got a hot new game about to drop. All my otaku, weeaboo, cosplay enthusiasts, whatever you want to call yourselves because it’s that time of year again guys! JRPG TIME! And based on this trailer, Shining: Resonance Refrain Heroes looks like it’s gonna be lit for JRPG fanatics across the globe.

Now I don’t want to blow too much since I am looking to review this title in the future. But I can at least dish on the party members whose name are as JRPG as you can get. Since I’ve lost track of how many JRPGS I’ve played over the years, I’ll just add my predictions about each character based on the trailer. Now without further a adieu:

We have Kirika Towa Alma the quote “the Diva of Nature.” Granted the name sounds like it was run through a translator, and the title sounds like a Beyonce album, but she’s the healer and a bow wielder. I have a thing for support characters so sight might be my fav outta the bunch.

Then we have Sonia Blanche, the Lightning Princess. She’s the fierce yet elegant and classy type. Slay-Z over here looks like she’s going to be dealing out the most damage physically. While on the magical front Agnum Bulletheart (aka Husbando #1038573) and Lestin Sera Alma(Kirika’s brother???), are going to be in a fire vs ice duel to end them all to see whose does it better for the party.

And last but certainly not least are the only two people with normal names, and who I guess are so badass they don’t need last names, Rinnia, and Yulma. As with any JRPG, Rinna is the light-hearted breath of fresh air you’ll need from all the edge. And Yulma who has the power of the Shining dragon has the most admirable, and difficult job given to any JRPG character, the protection of all his friends! Combat wise these two both look pretty powerful, the get you out of the jam, and beat the boss you’ve been stuck on for a few days powerful.

Now as an addict of JRPGs myself, after looking at the trailer, I instantly want to know about the Shining Crew. Luckily for you, there’s a trailer and I will not leave you hanging.

I hope the game is as good as the hype I’m getting off the trailer. This will make my 1st JRPG of the year so the hype gauge is through the roof, Game drops July 10, 2018! So, make your calendars for late June, early July for our review!



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