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How rude would it be for you to die in combat ready to join your fellow warriors only to be brought back to life to serve death itself? I think I will need to talk to HR or a supervisor about this mess. You are now Death’s right hand as you fight the undying guardians while enduring the eternal struggle to purge their souls. It is the promise of immortality the price you pay to work for death, but will there be a reward for your service? Welcome to this preview of Death’s Gambit.

“Death’s Gambit raises you from the dead to serve as an agent of Death in a highly stylized, gothic world of beasts, knights, horrors, undying guardians and more. Defeat gruesome enemies and legendary bosses with an arsenal of uniquely powerful weapons and abilities in wickedly challenging battles that demand creative thinking, strategy and precise skills. Scale towering buildings and giant beasts alike with a trusty grappling hook to reach the farthest limits of the realm, and get ready to die – a lot.”

I am a big fan of stories of this nature where you have to make a deal like Spawn or Ghost Rider and have to fight for an entity that could be evil or benevolent, you never know. Death’s Gambit takes you into a deep nostalgic side scroll platformer adventure where you as a knight are bestowed with immortality and powers. It has a nice feel where if you ever played Symphony of the Night or Ghouls and Ghost. This will be the game that will keep you going and worth the replay value for just $19.99.


  • Incredible Bosses – Hunt towering monsters and other creatures of legend. Each boss is a test of skill, requiring unique strategies to defeat.
  • Character Customization – Outfit your character with over 10 weapon types including bows, scythes, longswords, halberds and more. Harness 30 weapon abilities and spells to create your own build.
  • Expansive World – Travel across the beautifully rendered Obsidian Vale, Witch Woods, Sanguine City, and more. Meet quirky characters from all walks of life, and uncover their narrative threads and secrets.
  • Heroic Mode – Defeated bosses experience a second wind in an exponentially harder heroic mode accessible immediately after defeating them. Give yourself an all-new challenge and master their new abilities.
  • Evocative Score – Experience an intricately crafted score composed by Kyle Hnedak, that sets the tone for Death’s Gambit’s world with over 2 hours of evocative music.
  • New Game Plus – Complete Death’s Gambit to unlock New Game+ in brackets of three to set your own difficulty, and endure the struggle all over again.

Being a challenging 2D action-platformer that will take players to find the mystery of Siradon. Are you ready to make the deal with death? Get ready for Death’s Gambit will release on August 14th, 2018 and pre-orders are available right now on the steam marketplace and also hit up for steam cards and PSN cards, it helps us out in the long run. – Beast Out

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