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It is weird to think about your own planet being terraformed to shape into something new. Could you imagine waking up one day to see ships that came out of the sky and comets falling down that just changes the surface of Earth? Welcome to the new world of Defiance 2050 or rather the return since the last Defiance came out in 2013, but sadly the show doesn’t come with it. This is our preview thoughts on the closed beta.

“Defiance 2050 is a futuristic online action shooter set in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi world filled with advanced alien technology. Team up with friends to engage in massive co-op battles, complete compelling story missions, and discover rare weapons and equipment. As you explore the reimagined Defiance universe, you’ll experience new gameplay systems for character progression, loadout customization, and much more!”

As stated I am a veteran player back in the day and sadly I was disappointed that there was no option to continue my character from the PS3, but the beauty of MMO’s is starting fresh and doing things differently. I have to admit the graphics are improved and there are improvements in the controls as well. The combat and audio are beefed up from the old version, but everything else is still the same. I loved the fact that I ran into some people from the show mainly Irisa and Nolan. I love when a game does that and to do more missions later on with rewards is always a plus.

“Defiance 2050 was built from the ground up to be the most enjoyable Defiance experience possible, with major overhauls to key systems, like progression and itemization, and various innovations being implemented. To do this, we had to ensure that the game wasn’t hindered by the past, a move that ultimately resulted in some elements from the original game, like entire character and item transfers, not being possible. However, some in-game progression, such as character slots and loadout slots from Defiance, will transfer from the original game.”

Now, anyone that has played an MMOrpg knows that you will have to get ready for loads of missions both main and side as well as special events that will be all over the map. You will have Ark Falls and Sieges as well as the occasional raids. The best part is that anyone and everyone can get involved with missions that you do if they choose too. Let’s say you are on a side quest or main quest and you are thinking, “Welp, I guess I am going to solo…” Wrong, there will be a rando that joins in because when I started out I was fresh with many gamers that will show up purple on your map.

The customization was a bit limited, but not with the 3 species you can choose from. I was happy to be able to remake the same character I had before but just changed the name. However, I loved the gunplay and customization in this game. Right now I am an assault class only using LMG’s, Rifles and Shotguns, mostly shotguns though. I like to get up close and personal. The best part is your abilities tree that will enhance your ark hunter as well. I have super speed, melee power and of course perks for my guns. Speaking of guns,  you can also enhance your guns with parts you pick up to beef them up from a one star to a five star if you choose. I like that choice of sticking with what you have for a while until you obtain something better.

I have a bit of potato aim, but the gunplay is pretty smooth and all the different guns work quite well. Hell, I even had fun with the snipers, but I can’t wait to unlock the missile launchers. Vehicles could you some work and I do miss my red dodge challenger, but I hope that I can obtain it again later one. I did get a nice Dodge ATV which was pretty sweet.

The even better news is that you both will be rewarded without having to worry about someone stealing your quest or loot, but there is a points system at the end of each mission to show who did more work or who was downed a lot. I did do one main story mission solo, but I had help from my attractive A.I companion Cass who also goes around and gives you missions to accomplish to earn more creds. The humor involved is hilarious and the enemies that are vast and can be scary and great to battle. You have Mutants, Hellbugs, Raiders, Ninety-Niners, Scrappers, The Afflicted, Dark Matter and the Vloge. I ran into only one of these massive Robotic things and it was one of those in-game content situations that I could not beat.

For a closed beta, it was pretty solid and had only one hiccup in a mission to save minors against the Raiders, but I just had to leave and I completed the mission. It was a small glitch where the enemies were in an endless loop even when the mission was over. Not too bad since it helped me level up quicker. The only sad part was that I reached the end of the beta and could only do side missions. The good news is that the PC version now has founder packs available which come at reasonable prices of two $20 packs and one huge $49.99 pack. So take our pick and I will see you gamers on the PS4 when the full game drops this summer.

Defiance 2050 returns on the PC, Xbox One and PS4 newly revamped for any ark hunter. I hope you enjoyed and please enjoy the video showing off the journey I went through in the closed beta. – Beast Out

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