Let’s Go, Evee and Pikachu Coming to the Nintendo Switch

The game that everyone was hoping for has finally been announced for the Nintendo Switch. “Let’s Go, Pikachu!” and “Let’s Go, Evee!” trailer announcement was released today and it is more integrated than any other pokemon game in history.

Now I have been a pokemon player for a long time and seen all forms, however, Pokemon Go was a fun take on the series giving us an opportunity to be a serious pokemon hunter in the real world. The new Nintendo Switch version will integrate with the Pokemon Go app to expand your universe as shown in the video. I am not surprised by the innovative features that Nintendo produces by using the joy-con to not only control your character but to also simulate using a Pokeball with a simple throwing motion.

I am sure they will specify the feel of using a Pokeball with the Joy-Cons superior rumble feature that simulates real objects. Here is what caught my interest is the interactive Pokeball that you can also use like a real Pokeball and it will animate a pokemon living inside of it. It will feature an analog stick so you can use it in the game, but pick a pokemon and take them with you which is awesome.

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Let’s talk two-player co-op. At first, it looked kind of cool having someone use a second Joy-con and to just jump into the pokemon world with you, but then it got weird as both of you threw two Pokeballs at one monster for a synchronized capture. But, it goes back to being intriguing with dual battling which is nothing new since you were able to use more than one pokemon in fights before to double up in combat, even combine attacks. Venturing out with a buddy is going to be fun regardless and I hope that feature is also online. The one thing I wanted from pokemon is to also do a co-op story where Up to four players can go on an adventure together like in the anime. You will have an option to go at it alone, but someone that is also playing can meet you up in a city and then you continue the journey together

Other than that I am looking forward to seeing more at E3, but for now, check out the full trailer located below. – Beast Out

Beast Gamer Kuma

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