Neo Geo Mini Revealed

Well, I had to jump off my leisure time of gaming to give you readers some new gaming information regarding tonight a reveal from youtuber Spawn Wave showing us a first look at the Neo Geo Mini.

Spawn Wave breaks it down rather nicely in the video you can see right here:

Seems like a lot of companies are joining in on the mini-game and I find it cute that Neo Geo decided to design their mini like a traditional Arcade Cabinet because many of their games started players from the arcade. There will be rumored to be 40 built-in games including five King of Fighters titles, 3 Metal Slug Games and possibly the Samurai Showdown series, but again all rumors.

The funny part is a few years back Neo Geo released a new system for the nostalgic fans that also sold an arcade stick which played classic Neo Geo cartridges. The AES was cool, but I figured they could have made something like the revamped Sega Genesis that also played cartridges and had a built-in library. I know a few places that could modify it to upload new roms, but if you got the cash go for it. I am pretty sure someone will do the same to this one and being that it will have the option of hooking up to your tv and two player ability. This would be a nice gift to any gamer or fan. List of Games:

As of right now, no other details are available, but thanks to Spawn Wave for giving us a first look at what to expect. Now if only we can get a Dreamcast System loaded with roms and an HDMI port, that would be cool. We might expect more details at this upcoming E3, but for now, just bask in what could be something cool for your collection. – Beast Out

Source| Spawn Wave Youtube Channel
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