New Gameplay Footage of Beyond Good & Evil 2

We are getting closer to E3 2018 and of course, the news is starting to fly off the interweb shelves. Recently Ubisoft just released a new video showcasing some new combat maneuvers combat with nice motion capture. Let’s take a look.

Whoa, did they just introduce multiplayer in this new footage? Hold up, I was not expecting this game to feature MP. Well, that escalated my anticipation even further. Last year when we were introduced to some test footage showcasing how far we can travel and how detailed the current area gave me the unlimited feel. I like the idea of being able to use a jetpack to travel around or escape to your mothership as quickly as possible. However, my real take away will be the combat system which we got to see a small glimpse in some of the staff work with one of the main pirates.

As some of you remember in the first game with Jade she used a staff weapon and I like how they are bringing it back with better upgrades and it seems we will have an area damage attack which I will enjoy.

Damn, going to have to wait for more information on the space combat and how this will work in with multiplayer. The good news is we won’t have to wait too long, but be sure to check back as more information develops. – Beast Out

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