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You’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be a supernatural Detective? The world is being spun into chaos because of a war that will shake both land and the heavens. It is up to you the Harbinger to settle this dispute and find out who is resurrecting this great evil known as Voden.


Omensight takes place in a fictional land of Pygaria which the Gods entrusted the Bird tribe to look over. Sadly peace can’t last forever as the Pygarian Empire started to seek the aid of both Cat and Dog tribes which some felt their strength was choking them. The next thing you know the Rodent and Bear tribes formed a rebellion which through the lands into a war. In all this chaos there was something sinister brewing. The final straw was a brutal attack led by lord Indrik against the capital of Rodentia led by Rebel Leader Ratika. This is where our story begins as the Harbinger presence itself and some get the idea that only something wicked is about to happen to them all.


I thought I was getting into just another Hack and Slash platformer and I am glad I was wrong. There is an element of RPG with a great combat system involved. Using a light and heavy attack is just the beginning as you level up your XP and use the crystals to level up your blessings. In the blessings, you can gain stronger defense, a better sword and upgrade your companions. With the XP meditation, you will gain abilities like Phantom Blast, Delay of Fate, Lethal Slash, and Deadly Phantom Grasp just to name a few. Each will gain different levels as you meditate with more XP each time.

Once you are on the field utilize all that you have learned, especially your dodge feature when you press O at the right time that also performs a time slowdown. If you chain the dodge at the right times will give you more style points. You can also even the playing field by using your companions attacks with the R2 button, but do not try to spam it since it has a cooldown just like your powers. Be precise and coordinated to be victorious.

There are many puzzles to discover as you venture out and hidden areas that are blocked by seals or hidden passages. Keep an eye out for things that are out of place that could be pushed or destroyed with an explosive barrel. The more you find the more you can gain by leveling up your Harbinger.

The investigation wheel will be your guide to figure this whole mess out and you will have to use memories obtain in order to piece things together. You thought I was kidding when I said you were a “supernatural detective”? No, and you will have to prove that to others that are ignorant of your purpose and I am looking at you Ludomir you drunk Bear! The only way to prove to people is to use your Omensight once you obtained a new piece to the puzzle to share with other parties, however since you will be time traveling a lot you will have to make a decision in progression.

This means you will have to decide on some people having to be a sacrifice in order to save their lives. It is weird and time travel is frustrating, but in this crazy version of Groundhog Day, you will have to make those choices. If not you will have to go back and redo things properly.


It is a moving storybook being that it is a Dark Fantasy setting that is an interactive oxymoron. There is a Deadly Beauty to it all with the different areas you travel too and venture off as you see the lands get corrupted by a world ender and yet you are still captivated. The voice acting is pretty damn good giving a personality to all the creatures even the enemies that you are fighting have some quips to say and it is even special when some surrender. It felt special that they put so much attention to make the game filled with life. It also gave you a choice to spare a life, but I was too hasty in my destruction and I got a trophy for my mistake. So, I take it as a Dark Victory.

The musical score is pretty good, but what caught me the most as Ratika singing her song while she was in prison I had to stop and just wait until she finished before I interrupted. Pretty good and I would not mind finding out who is the song artist, but the credits didn’t reveal that.

The Bad, but not really:

I stated in the video review below about the jumping mechanics, but honestly, it is mostly user error, so just be careful and precise with your jumps. You have a bit of a spotlight that guides where you will land which most only have a dark shadow in other platformers. That is a nice way of helping us out.


Omensight was a great experience and I enjoy platformers of this nature since the Jak and Daxter series gave us a new look at platform exploration. Omensight continues the genre into the next generation with great combat, interesting well voiced characters and a deep story that makes you go, “Damn…”. I give it 4 paws out of 5.

Get ready as Omensight will be released on May 15th, 2018 for both PS4 and Steam Marketplace. You will be able to pick it up for $19.99, but there is a special PlayStation Plus deal going on right now where you can grab it for $15.99. I hope you enjoyed and please support site by checking out for PSN and Steam cards or any gaming needs which helps us out in the long run. – Beast Out

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