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Its all about speed, but at times regular car speed is never enough, so you seek the thrill of race cars, but even that is not fast enough for your adrenaline. There have been many different types of hover car racing, which my first experience was F-Zero, then Wipeout, but sometimes I get a nice surprise from the indie developers, especially those going full blast with the Unity engine. This is Antigraviator which is available today in the Steam Marketplace.

It is the year 2210 and by the streamline, racing has now evolved into something far greater and it makes me think that racers might have to be augmented in order to deal with the high G’s on the raceway. You are now piloting an anti-gravity vehicle that will give you full speed with friction, but that means your reflexes will have to be ready to deal with tight turns and traps within a blink of a moment. Trippy right? It is not for the faint of heart, but I guarantee it will be one insane ride.


Antigraviator is straightforward from the jump with a campaign, quick race, hangar, online and a tutorial which where you will start things off. Once you begin you will start with a regular stock car that you will get the ability to upgrade as you go through the campaign and earn funds. You will get the chance to change the body, wings and the chassis just to name a few things. You can also gain new skins, change the color and of course how it fades. It doesn’t dive too deep into the customization but it is enough to stand out as a racer.

This is where the game takes a different approach by giving you the triggers to initiate both acceleration and brakes. You will use X to initiate your boost, but here is where you need to pay attention to defend your car. On the left stick, you will use that to steer, but the right analog stick is for your barrel rolls. It is crucial to listen out for the announcer indicating a trap being activated because it will be up to your skills to dodge accordingly. In other cases, you will be on the offense and can unleash your own traps which will also give you a shield to protect you from your own traps. I think that is a nifty idea in terms that getting hit with a trap you set would be a messed up thing to endure.


I was amazed finding out this game ran on Unity and Cybernetic Walrus gave us a look at what this engine really can do. We have been saturated with so much of the Unreal Engine lately that I also assumed it was running on it too. To my pleasant surprise, I was wrong and you are gifted with a nice experience with a pretty good soundtrack from hospital records. I love the blur effect that happens when a racer gets close to you and causes this stretch effect. Playing against the A.I was quite frustrated and brought a decent level of challenge that I can enjoy. However, the real test is the online combat.

The Bad:

As an Anti-gravity racing game it is not too bad and brings a simple experience for you to jump into, but I can’t help but feel a bit underwhelmed. It has its high points of excitement, but it seems to only be at a moment as the soundtrack itself is not as thrilling as many other racers of this style and I feel you need a combination of both. The traps are not exciting either since you hit a button to activate said traps, but it doesn’t seem like it causes that much of a hazard on the field. I do enjoy the other style of weapon race combat as in wipeout and the famed Blur game.

You know, that feeling that someone is targeting your vehicle from behind and you are trying your best to avoid the missile or gun barrage. You also can’t change the view of the ship from a 3rd person or first person and that is a bummer.

The prices for items and vehicle upgrades are a bit much and even though you must place first in order to unlock the next phase of the campaign. I feel there should be a steady climb to reach the more expensive items instead of starting things off with an impossible buy. For those that might be wondering, you can see how much you have in the bank on the bottom right corner of your screen next to your name, I think that should be more noticeable because it did take me a minute to figure that out.


Antigraviator goes for $24.99, but there is a steam discount going on for 10% off, however for 20 bucks you can get the Wipeout Omega collection with VR capability. I still feel that there is still some missing elements to the game which I hope will come out with future updates, but as of right now I will have to give it 3 paws out of 5. It is a decent racing game, but I think knocking it down to an even $20 is a fair price. I am hoping to see a console version though in the future since it is listed to come out for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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