Class Systems in Defiance 2050

This is something new with Defiance, having a class system changes the game entirely. This week the developers have shared an interesting video showcasing 4 classes for you the ark hunters to choose from.

Here are the classes you will get to choose from.

Assassin: Stealthy Slayer

  • Specialize in critical strikes, surprise attacks, and all-out damage as the deadly Assassin class! Sneak up on enemies with your innate Stealth ability and strike through with your Hidden Blade to cut them down.

Guardian: Defensive Protector

  • Hold the line and keep allies safe in the New Frontier as the valiant Guardian class. Put up a protective Barrier to block incoming fire and unleash a Shockwave that stuns foes in an area in front of you. Make a stand and significantly reduce damage taken with your Steadfast ability, then follow up with Taunt to have enemies to focus fire on you.

Combat Medic: Tactical Healer

  • Heal up wounds, save lives, and buff your squad as the vital Combat Medic class. You come equipped with a Healing Bot that follows you and supports your team. Use Inspire to increase your allies damage or grant them an EGO Refresh for greatly improved cooldown reduction on abilities!

Assault: Versatile Fighter

  • Become an all-around offensive and defensive Ark Hunter as the adaptable Assault class. Use the Sprint ability to get into the action or to make a smooth retreat out of danger! Dive head-on for some devastating Super Melee attacks that will truly crush your enemies.

I am quite torn choosing between Assault and Guardian class. I will admit that I am mostly a Support Tank in many games, but also who doesn’t like to get their hands dirty with being an assault? That super melee feature is quite tempting, but I rather be an Ark Hunter who protects my team. Check out the video below for full details.

Now like most of us gamers we are waiting to hear details on when the founder packs will be available for the consoles. As of right now, the founder’s packs are only available for the PC, but the console version is slated to release sometime this summer. Be sure to check out our Beta preview post by clicking here. – Beast Out

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