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I am going to say it right now, EA Originals won the whole show for me and Anthem. But we are going to go through the segments and talk about each as we go along, so if you missed anything you came to the right place.

As some were telling me that EA Play is not officially the start of E3, but I dismiss that since it is in the area of the convention and it is part of the E3 schedule and with that being said. We are going to go through the list in the same order as the conference starting with Battlefield V details.

I know a few of my Battlefield buddies were overjoyed to see this shooter starting the event off and I am not surprised this is their baby. In that what caught my eye? The first thing mentioned was how the gameplay will differ this time around as you can now have more mobility with your character in smashing through a window for a great escape. This is will be cinematic in combat and bring a new level of action and fun with a dash to tactics in terms of surprising an enemy if you don’t get killed trying to be cool.

The next thing is, of course, my personal favorite is Destruction which they mostly talk about the destruction of the house. This means hiding will not be so simple anymore of unbelievable as a tank fires barrages at you as if the house is made of Vibranium or something. Again another level of excitement to keep the action going while playing multiplayer. You need a war game to not have too many safe bases hence why you have so much camping going on.

Another fun gem is being able to move around ordnance which will be a big risk if not careful since as many of you know as Battlefield veterans. Being on the ground and silent is easier to take down tanks vs. being a huge target, I would know since I did a lot of ground and planting C4 to destroy many huge vehicles. The developers also mention the ability to customize your characters, guns, and vehicles to stand out in a game with 60 characters. So far I am digging all these gems. They did express once again that there will be no premium pass or loot boxes, but what will that mean when it comes to cost?

In my previous post, we talked about the story aspect of Battlefield V which is going to have some major unique scenarios and yes more FEMALE CHARACTERS TO PLAY AS, so deal with it! What bothered me in the briefing was the talk about Royale mode. Now I was told by a friend (who I am not sure wants to be named in my articles) that there is a Grand Operations multiplayer with immersive cinematic style gameplay… one team comes in from airdrop, very historically accurate to ww2. In that being said, check out the video right now.

Pretty good start for EA and Grand Operations looks impressive, however, I do miss the modern combat, which I hope to get back to later on, but for now, WW 2 doesn’t look so bad.

Things get a bit weird in the segway after battlefield as it goes right into the sports segments which I will just skim through real quick as, I am not really much of a sports fan in that aspect with Fifa, NBA Live 19 and Madden, which was quite awkward especially during the Madden segment with one of the eSports champions. The sports segments were pretty short which is intriguing and as one of my friends pointed out there was no talks of a racing game, but to be fair Need for Speed Payback just recently came out. It was just announced that with EA Access that Need for Speed Payback will be free for all to play so jump on that right away. In that, I will say that Fifa 19 looks pretty decent and as of right now Fifa 18 will be free as a trial to play, check it out.

The new Star Wars News came in twos yesterday with new details on Battlefront II and I have to give Dennis from DICE props for admitting that they didn’t execute things correctly. What they announceds is a new game mode with Ewoks from Endor which shocked me since there have been mixed feelings about these characters for years and I wasn’t sure if they were still canon since nothing about them showed up in the movies. This will be a new hunt mode that was once featured in the original Battlefront II game, also they are bringing in a new map of Kessel with the game mode extraction which looks impressive. I am excited to also see they added the cast from the Solo movie as a new DLC mode with the Milennial Falcon from the movie. This is one of those games that got better with time and yes, I do get pissed that video games go through this process, but with the ability to update on the fly is a nice advantage.

But please developers of Star Wars, please learn from the lesson of last years problem. On anther note Respawn Entertainment showed up to talk about their new Star Wars game that I will not dwell to heavily into since there is no video to showcase it or images just talk. But since these are the people that gave us the awesome Titanfall, I have my fingers crossed on an interesting story and gameplay.

Mobile Game time…Yea Command and Conquer, my thoughts…

Next up we have EA Originals which I personally favored. I am a big fan of indie developers since they show a lot of passion and heart in their games. They show the most hunger too as they try to bring something different and original to the table,  especially give us gamers a true experience in an adventure or story. I bring to you the reveal of Unravel 2.

This time around you will have the option to co-op with a buddy that features a drop in and out style of gameplay. In the meantime if you play by yourself you will have the secondary character wrapped around you as you figure out puzzles and evade hazards to get to your goal. It features a beautiful world to explore and of course fun game mechanics with amazing parkour movements. I would have fun with this one, but I do recommend checking out Unravel the first game before this one.

The next title brought me to tears a bit because the presenter was so passionate and you can see they put heart into their game called Sea of Solitude. This time looks like it will have a deep meaning and a special ending that makes you go wow.

EA Originals are doing the thing and I am enjoying it so far.

Lastly which what I was all but hoping for is Anthem and to check out more gameplay and information which was awesome.

I know the segment is long, but they go deep into what to expect with Anthem and as you can tell by my reaction this is what DESTINY SHOULD HAVE BEEN! This game is a mixture of Exo-Squad, Centurions and Marvel’s Iron Man rolled into one huge package. They even dive deep as in how you can customize each Suit, which my favorite will be the Colossus being that it will be the tank of the group and I like to focus all my efforts on one suit. In that I hope to get a set team to play together with and utilize all of the abilities. There will be no loot boxes which is always a good thing, but there will be cosmetic items to purchase including vanity items which I expect to be the most expensive. Either way it will be worth it in the end.

That is pretty much it and EA didn’t do too bad being the opening show, now we need to see what Microsoft will bring to the table next later on today at 4pm Eastern. I shall be streaming it live on my twitch channel, so please check it out! – Beast Out

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