F4F Sonic the Hedgehog Boom8 Series

I love video game toys as much as any gamer. It is one thing to be able to play the games, but it is another to enjoy them outside of the game screen. First 4 Figures just revealed the new line of Sonic the Hedgehog Boom8 figures of Knuckles and Tails. You will get to see these works of art in full miniature from which they are the size of an amiibo. Check out the Video.

This is an awesome partnership with GNF TOYZ which features the combo pack 2, which will hold volume 3 Tails and Volume 4 Knuckles PVC figures. I like how they go into details about each character, but if you are a veteran Sega player your beast gamer Kuma here, then you already know that Tails also known as Miles Prowess is a genius two-tailed fox that helps out Sonic in many adventures. I am not going to lie, but in the beginning, he was quite annoying as a sidekick when he debuts in Sonic 2, but you grow to love the little guy.


However, this is my favorite character of them all my tough dude Knuckles the echidna had the new style to the platform series in Sonic 3 by being able to glide and climb with the claws on his knuckles. Hence why he is called that and he brought a new way of destroying Robotnix now known as Eggman’s forces with his fist of fury. Definitely would love to have him in my collection.

The two will be released in the 3rd Quarter of 2018 and will go for $45.00 which is not too bad. You can pre-order at the link right here. Also be sure to check out Sonic The Hedgehog Combo Pack that features so Sonic Figures for the same price that will also be coming out at the same time, just click this link for that too to add to the collection.

I hope you enjoyed this pre-order preview and be sure to check back for a possible unboxing. – Beast Out

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