Ghost of Tsushima Reveal

I would say there are no words for the presentation I just witnessed, but then I would not be called a writer now would I? It starts off with a traditional Flute playing in the background of the Japanese culture called a Shakuhachi. I was a bit impatient unfitting of a warrior which would probably get me killed faster in an online battle, but with all that it was worth the wait to finally get a look at Ghost of Tsushima.

The mixture of Gameplay and Cinematics is a nice transition that lately has kept gamers holding onto their controllers at the ready just in case. As if you wanted us to be ready like a samurai in battle following the teachings of the Bushido. Either way, this feels like a mixture of Onimusha and Ninja Gaiden which makes me happy since I miss both titles. It is a blessing to see how the combat works and checking out the movement mechanics in this rich world of old Japan. The swordplay was most important to watch because I wasn’t expecting it to be so fluid and the counter-attacks were top notch.

As of right now they need not show anymore and keeps things still fresh in our mind to stay thirsty for more. Sadly no release date in sight, but we should be getting details on that soon. Thanks for checking this preview out and be sure to add your email to subscribe to our site. – Beast Out

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