Spider-Man E3 Gameplay Feature

The best thing any Developer can do for a comic book fan is to make a Video game that is Based on a comic book that has nothing to do with the movie. We already saw the movie, we would like to either play as one of the story comics or an original story that fits in the timeline. As we dive into the latest gameplay trailer, we get a glimpse at who our web crawler will be facing alongside the Negative Man.

Spider-man is one of the most nimble and acrobatic superheroes out there so, I was not surprised by the over the top fight mechanics that we just witnessed. It was funny that my friend asked if Rocksteady had a hand in the combat, but spider-man games have always been good with their combat. As well as adding fun new ways to take down his enemies, especially utilizing his web shooters in elaborate and clever ways.

He freaking goes into a Web Death Blossom mode hitting all enemies and sticking them to the walls. I am excited to play this game and are we going to get a full Sinister Six story mode? We will have to find out when Spider-man drops September 7, 2018. – Beast Out –

Beast Gamer Kuma

Beast Gamer Kuma

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Beast Gamer Kuma
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