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So, the latest GTA V Online DLC has been live for a week now and of course after a few sessions setting things up, a few shark cards and of course risking our lives selling out cargo and “Sugar Factory” product it is almost completely done. I have been working with my bros helping each other out with our bunkers, CEO’s and MC stuff. I figured it is time to share my thoughts on this After Hours DLC.

Let’s break down what After Hours is. Pretty Much Gay Tony is back and wants to bring his own sense of entertainment to GTA V. As a Club owner you will have to treat this like a full-time job as you do club promotions that have 3-minute cooldowns between each so you can fill up the bar to keep the club popular. You will also have the control of cost to get into the club, Dry Ice machine, dress code and of course how your friends gain access.

Once you go to your computer not only to promote your business there will be some upgrades to make the popularity of the business go down at a slow rate. The highest is the equipment upgrade which is 1.4 million, extra bartenders and the security upgrade. I would suggest getting the Bartenders first and then the equipment upgrade. The more bartenders bring in more money and you will cap your safe a lot faster which stops when you reach $70,000. Things get better for your wallet as you can do all your storage and MC work in the nightclub.

Depending on what you have you can hire technicians to handle the backbone work for you or rather the majority of the work. You will get one Technician for Free, but the rest will be a little over a hundred thousand each. I have 3 techs working for me now and the highest I have sold is $191,000 of my stock which you can do solo, but I say be careful with that in a public room. I have a super armored minivan with a remote minigun and landmine features. That cost a little over a million to fix up, but you do get the van for free.

When it comes to the extra storage and garages, I would suggest forgetting about the extra garages for now and just buy the five storage areas. My Buddy Humancells spent $1.7 million to get all five, but the payout is worth it where you will now accumulate over $2 million in the product. This is where you will need to buy the compound Truck to handle your bigger shipments and this will also need to be upgraded and weaponized. I have not done this one yet, but I do recommend if a pub room to take your crew with you.

From my experience, the nightclub is quite lucrative to have and is beneficial especially with the business battles racing around the map to collect either boxes, cars or weapons and bring it back to your club. This brings a nice new challenge to the experience and other players can come to your club to party, but I picked the one by the pier which was the cheapest at the moment. You will get new emotes and of course, enjoy yours or other dance clubs by actually dancing in them. I am on the PlayStation 4 and if you hit the Circle button it will do this cinematic pan around you and the DJ in the club while you get your groove on.

Supposedly, each week we are expected to get a new DJ to bring to our club and that I hope brings a new theme to the music which is already bumping in a great way. Right now you have the option of Solomon as your first DJ, what will happen this week? We shall have to see.

I thank you all for checking out my review and I hope to see you at my club and please enjoy yourselves. Please check out my Twitch stream by clicking the link right here and join me on the fun. – Beast Out

Beast Gamer Kuma

Beast Gamer Kuma

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Beast Gamer Kuma
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