Shining Resonance Refrain Review

Well guy’s it’s finally here. A game that has been on my radar since the beginning of 2018. The Shining Resonance! Being the JRPG addict or connoisseur (has a better ring to it don’t you think?) rather, this new Shining titled pulled out all the anime tropes, arc types, and waifu to make the perfect gamer for JRPG fanatics. But is it too much? Ironically as complex, as this game is in terms of content, it is also lacking some quality in at least one major aspect. But fear not all you anime addicted otaku! Because Shining Resonance Refrain is a must add to your ever-growing JRPG collection.

Since there is a lovely video review to accompany this written part, I won’t go in too much detail here. All that content I normally go into detail about, story, soundtrack, characters, etc, check the video below! If you’re more if you just want to know if the game is playable or not, proceed to the next paragraph.


  • Let’s start with the good stuff, shall we? There is a lot of good thing about SR. Number one is that there is a lot of stuff to do in this game. Combat is first up on the chopping block. For those of you that have this game on your radar, you’ll be relieved to know that the AI actually does what they are instructed to do by yours truly. You tell the parties members to focus on healing, the healers will spam healing magic, tell em to do their own thing, they will battle properly, and if you tell them to do nothing, then they will stand there like shiny anime lemons! The combat is fast paced and action packed. So the fact that those players don’t have to worry about unresponsive AI doesn’t slow anything down.
  • There are many ways to level up and various combat functions. The “Bonds” feature is a neat function that allows players to adjust “traits” so that either certain party members can Resonant with each other to become stronger during battle. Or players can have the whole party feeling each other to really give the enemy the beat down. These traits can be unlocked when by romancing your party members. That’s right ya’ll you can get your waifu on. And if a waifu isn’t your thing, there are bromances to be made!
  • There are also various environments, quests, and “The Giles” a nifty level up where players can customize to meet their grinding demands. So there are many different ways to level up which keeps the game from being too linear.


  • Ever heard that saying quality over quantity? Let’s talk about the biggest quality control issue the infamous Shining Dragon himself (if you’re lost it’s time to click the video). One of the main feature’s and theme of this game is utterly useless. You might as well not transform into the Dragon at all, ever. It’s more of a hassle than a kick-ass overdrive comeback feature. The Dragon is slow as molasses. Paint dries faster than this thing. If you transform and the enemy moves, have fun trying to make it over them before it eviscerates your party. And if you wanna help your homies out by tossing them a potion or either or 2 while in dragon form… well, you can’t. You can’t use any items or access the menu screen in Dragon form. Even worse is the Dragon will go “berserk” transform back into Yuma, who you won’t be able to use for a few seconds which is annoying when you’re getting the hands from your enemy.
  • Another quality issue is the whole “okay ya’ll no voice acting” at random thing most JRPG’s have been doing in recent years. Considering the game’s cutscenes are comprised of 3D models in front of still backgrounds, one would think that most if not all the game would be fully voice acted. But it’s not. Making It even more annoying is that the extras such as some of the bond scenes, or gang reel wacky village high jinx scenes are not voice acted. So have fun reading a lot.


What is very commendable about Shining Resonance is all the content in the game. There is a lot of replay value here. While the plot is pretty good, if players are looking for deep, complex characters, this isn’t it. It’s standard JRPG format. You can guess a character whole personality in a minute. But that doesn’t make the game bad by any means. Some of the major features not being voice acted is gear grinding, to say the least. And the amount of reading in this game can slow things down a bit. So with that Shining Resonance gets a 3 out of 5. So if you go the funds in the piggy bank, looking to quench your anime thirst, and are open to the world of JRPGs, go pick up Shining Resonance.



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