Boxing Apocalypse Arriving at Play NYC

Oh, getting an email letting me know that a VR Boxing game will be at Play NYC this weekend is one of the best e-mails that I have gotten. You have to understand gamers that I love interactive fighting games be it with weaponry or hand to hand combat. So, when Gotham City Films inviting me into their VR Fight Club all I have to say is, “yes Please!”.

What you need to know about the story. Imagine being one of the deadliest assassins only to be put into a supermax prison in deep outer space. Soon enough the prison is overrun by Aliens who are now turning inmates into living weapons which they will use you to turn against humanity. Quite messed up right?

Now how are these Aliens going to test out their new living weapons? Well, I am glad you asked since who else but your fellow inmates vs. one another. If you want your freedom you will need to fight through many adversaries to the reach top dog of the fight circle. So in short, it is up to you to knuckle up and box your way to the lead Alien in order to stop the war and take over the Prison. Sounds easy enough.


  • Intense, active and intuitive boxing action
  • Skilled boxing combos, Power Punch Finishing Moves
  • Energy Shield for Block/Counter Combos
  • Multiple difficulty level settings from Easy to Extreme
  • Customizable Armor
  • Choice of Multiple Weapons
  • 21 Challenges That Unlock More Weapons and Specialty Armor
  • Campaign Story Mode with VR Cut Scenes
  • PVP – Online Combat with Other Players
  • Win-Loss Record
  • Online and Live Tournaments

To get bare-knuckle and describe Boxing Apocalypse it is you fully immersive combat VR experience with an intuitive fight system that features power punches, finishing moves, interchangeable weapons, energy shield for blocks/counters, customizable armor, and a challenge board. Yes, I did read that all in the description, but I will give you full details this weekend at Play NYC when I try it out for myself and hopefully it lives up to my expectations. I especially am digging the idea of the PVP mode fighting other people.

I am interested in the fitness factor being that I am currently trying to lose weight and looking for gaming means like I had in the past to get more cardio while having fun. I am hoping to get that idea when I try out Boxing Apocalypse and hopefully I will see you at this weekends convention so we can check it out together which they will be located on the Cellar Level. Boxing Apocalypse is available right now in the Steam Marketplace for $19.99 so hop on that deal especially if you have the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.- Beast Out

Beast Gamer Kuma

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