Hands on Dunk Lords at Play NYC

I have said this for many years that if I do plan to play any type of sports games it would have to have some kind of unique spin on it. Checking out the show floor I ran into Andy Hull of Story Fort showing off his new take on two on two pick up game with Dunk Lords.

As the Tagline says, “YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO BALL, BUT CAN YOU FIGHT?” Oh yes, that’s what I am talking about taking a something ordinary and making it extraordinary by adding a fighting element to a sports game. We are taking streets to the ball game people with uppercuts, throwing salmon and putting on shields. As stated you will have over the top special moves with 16 unique characters to choose from and of course they have an Alien Bear character which is right up this beast style.


  • In Arcade Mode, play pickup games locally with 1-4 players.
  • In Story Mode, guide talented young star Slice and his friends in their attempt to become true Dunk Lords.
  • Play through Story Mode single player or with a friend!
  • Dunk Lords is currently slated to release on Steam and Xbox One in 2018.

It was pretty fluid and the attacks were fun to get into, especially having to utilize them properly against a strong A.I. The one drawback is that there will be no online play only local play. This can be great to bring friends over and enjoy a fun experience, but it is not like back in the day when we were able to bring our cartridges or disc to a buddies house and just play on their system. In that be sure to check out a potential release in 2018 and we shall try to keep you updated. – Beast Out


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