CyberPunk: 2077 Gamplay Preview

With 2018 being devoted to talking of Fighters, RPGs, Reboots of Classics, and Indie cellphone & computer games, it’ only natural to share some of that Kuzoku spotlight with the FPS’s am I right? Well, a preview for one of epic proportions has landed comfortably in Kzoku’s lap. The developers at CD Projekt Red look to be pulling out all the stops with their 40 minutes of a kickass trailer for CyperPunk2077! By the looks of it, CyperPunk2077 defiantly looks like it will satisfy gamers across the board!

What makes this game, so intriguing is the Cyberpunk environment and the open world RPG gameplay alongside the FPS. Cyberpunk 2077 takes place in Night City, a Metropolitan Dystopian city in the throes of violence and oppression. The graphics and overall aesthetic of this game are stunning. The city is filled with crowds of people moving effortlessly without any lag. The dark grittiness of the city highlighted by bright neon lights captures the cyberpunk theme. CyberPunk2077 offers players a large, unique environment with an intense realism. The lore of the game is intricately woven so that everything has a purpose and will propel the story. Everything down from clothing, to ads around Night City, can grant players access to vendors and missions.

“But keep in mind as stated in the beginning of the video that all this is not the final project, even though it looks amazing this might all change in the finalize works. Now that is one thing to think about because it could be better or it could look worse as many games in the past have had the same situation. The thing is that I do trust CD Projekt Red with their games since they never disappoint as what we have witnessed with the Witcher series.” – Editors Note

The FPS gameplay looks to be an intense experience as well. With enemies shooting from all sides, coupled with dim lit gritty combat zones light by gun flashes, players can expect to be on their A game with this title. It doesn’t seem like the type where you can just shotgun & headshot your way to victory. Especially with enemy encounters such as drive-by high-speed shootouts. However, these actions are based on the things players do. Which is expressed through an advanced, intricate dialogue system which fully engages the player. Players have the option of being reckless by basically choosing to “test my gangsta” or go in tactical. Each will yield a result, one the more desirable to advance missions. You can guess which option that will be.

I could go on and on about how hyped I am for this game thanks to this gameplay trailer, but that may be a post for another day. I look forward to the interactive system this game has in place. It looks like having backed save files will be a must, so I can go back and test out different results. The game is TBA as far as release date so just keep your eyes peeled for future updates on CyperPunk2077 from the Kzoku crew!



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