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KumaZoku Entertainment is a space for all things video games, geeky, and nerdy. We leave elitism at the door, explore nerd culture in depth, and are here to share our knowledge with you.

Can’t decide on which of the newest titles to buy? We got you. We have now moved to just working on video games only because that is our key expertise. It is not about console wars, because we are all gamers at the end of the day.

KumaZoku Entertainment started life as Kuma Kreations, and is named after its founder, Kuma. As a kid, Kuma was exposed to nerd culture at an early age by his uncle, who worked at Forbidden Planet back in the late 80’s.

Deeply inspired by the world of comics, Kuma wanted to find a way to be more deeply involved with nerd culture. He eventually found this through a love of video games and began writing for PSPnation, then Gameflavor.com and eventually Bifuteki.

Not completely satisfied with what he’d written thus far, and feeling obviously frustrated due to censorship of his work– Kuma’s mentor, J Marcus, gifted him with the Kuma Kreations domain. Tentative at first, he met some people he thought were pretty cool along the way. As Kuma Kreations grew, it evolved as more and more people contributed to it.

Seeking to keep the name of our founder, Emochi and Mek suggested the addition of “Zoku” to our name because in Japanese, “zoku” means “family.” A bit like Xavier’s X-men, KumaZoku Entertainment is a crack team gathered by the man himself.

Please be sure to subscribe to the site and for those that were with us since the beginning thanks you for the support. If you have any questions, concerns or would like to talk to us about reviewing your content, please fill out the fields below.





If you would like to write for us we are accepting applications. Just click on the bear to apply.

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