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RAD Beast Thoughts

Double Fine Productions teams up with Bandai Namco Entertainment to give us a blast from the 80’s with a modern twist. RAD is right now in closed beta which I played a bit for PC. We are now done with E3 2019 and taking a breather to share my thoughts on what was shown with Rad and my initial thoughts so far. 

Beast Thoughts on Final Fantasy VII Remake

Even though Sony didn’t show up, they were there in spirit. This year Square Enix came with some heavy hits and nostalgia to many fans of certain titles. But this beast was there to see any new details on Final Fantasy VII Remake and Square was like, “Hold my Mana!” Not going to knock the original too much, but with the upgrades, we have now, Final Fantasy VII Remake looks to be a better action RPG experience. Take a look. 

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order After Thought

It has been a long time since we played a Marvel Ultimate Alliance title which was re-released on PS4 and Xbox One. The Ultimate Alliance games were based on the civil war series where we had the pleasure of using everyone with many different ways to customize each hero. Marvel Ultimate 3: The Black Order was announced for the Nintendo Switch exclusive. 

Xbox Elite 2 Wireless Controller Details

Its all about improving your gaming experience either with a slight technical advantage or better response time. Many have argued that some controllers have a series of input lag issues. Doesn’t matter where you take the battle either on fighting games, in FPS or racing. Your input will determine the outcome of any situation. Xbox is known for making a gamers experience enhanced with their Elite Controller, but now we have knowledge of the Xbox One Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller. 

Free Weekend for Hunt: Showdown

I don’t know about you, but I love it when developers decide to throw those that are curious a free weekend to try out their game. It shows a level of confidence that most do you not have. Hunt: Showdown the gun slinger fps horror title will be free this weekend on Steam Marketplace for anyone that wants to check it out before they buy. Here is a trailer for those that are curious even before the weekend begins. 

Tales of Arise E3 Reveal

Bandai Namco Entertainment is coming with some great JRPG’s this time with full details of Tales of Arise. It is new dawn beginning for the tales series with Yusuke Tomizawa at the helm of the development team for tales. You would know his work from the God Eater series. We can expect a new storyline, gameplay dynamics, and worlds for you to explore. 

Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts Gameplay

E3 is not over as we are getting the after details of this weeks events and we finally get to see some gameplay footage of Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts. The gameplay footage is not too much into detail, but gives you a glimpse of what to expect. 

Daemon x Machina E3 Reveal

Being the last line of defense against corrupted A.I by jumping into your own powerful Robot sounds like a fun day to me. Daemon X Machina is the new title coming to the Nintendo Switch and we are granted access to an arsenal of details to lead you into pre-ordering. So, let’s start off with some gameplay to see what this is all about. 

Panzer Dragoon Remake

You have no idea how far my jaw dropped when I saw Dragoon show up in a video and I already knew it was happening. Panzer Dragoon is making a come back and I am glad it is on the switch. Let’s take a Look

Code Vein’s new Trailer and Release Details

Last weekend Bandai Namco Entertainment sent us out on a Network Test to check out Code Vein and this beast was not disappointed. We now have a new trailer showcasing Code Vein with some release date details.