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Hero Edition Comes to Super Dragon Ball Heroes

Card Battle titles are no unheard of and have been popular for a while. Take the Dokken Battle on mobile giving players a fun experience with all Z Fighters through the generations. The new Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission card battle game that will be Exclusive to the Switch will come with a limited time Hero Edition. Details will be shared after the trailer. 

Black Future ’88 Announced for the Switch

I am a huge fan of Cyberpunk style games or just the genre in general. There is a particular style and ascetic that draws me in. This Rogue Like Cyber Punk shooter Black Future ’88 is coming to both PC and the Nintendo Switch. It will feature some intense gameplay as a side scroll thriller that will have you ducking and diving while trying to survive each level. Check out this articulate trailer.  

Winter Brawl 3D Happening This Weekend

To all the fighting fans out there that want to hit up an event to communicate with more in the FGC. This weekends event at Winter Brawl 3D will be the place to be. WB3D will host 10 titles which combatants will, of course, go through brackets in head to head digital combat. Get Ready for the details! 

Retro Fighters Dreamcast Controller

Good Morning Gamers and welcome to another News segment from your friendly Beast Gamer. Today I was happy to find out about some interesting news and as we all know a lot of retro systems have been resurrected. What makes me happy and of course many others is seeing Retro Fighters decided to improve on the Dreamcast Controller and yes I backed it up immediately. 

World War Z Release Date Revealed

The Zombie craze is still going strong as we enter release date details for World War Z. That is right folks we have release date details and of course a brand spanking new trailer showing off the Zombie horde. 

The Division 2 Private Beta Felt Liberating

All right Agents, Beast, and his colleagues had an incredible weekend heading to Washington DC from NY. It is weird that now we do not have the advantage anymore, but the disadvantage is welcoming. The private beta only ran for 3 days and we played enough to see if it was worth it. 

Let’s OJO with Switch & Play NYC this weekend

What is up Nintendo Switch gamers, it is your Beast Kuma here with some event news for this weekend. So, a few friends of mine have been conducting events for Switch players for some time now. This is a great way of bringing the gaming community together and as on the 16th of February, a nice collaboration is happening. 

Real-Life Mario Kart Hitting NYC

I will admit I have been Jealous of Japan for having real-life Mario Kart for years. Dawning your favorite Kart costume and getting into a go-kart safely racing around the city. That is worth the travel I would admit. However, we in New York City might not have to make that trip though.

Mortal Kombat 11 Kabal is Back

There are certain characters in Mortal Kombat 11 that many people were expecting to show up. Kabal is one of the characters that some of us hoped for. This character has been fun since he first debuts from MK 3 days and even better in MK 9. Now we have a new reveal trailer showcasing what we are in for. 

NYXL Overwatch Season 2 Watch Party

What is good gamers and welcome to this event update for you Overwatch players and fans of NYXL. As you know they had a pop-up store last year which was a great time and I hope they return. This is a special event for those looking for something to do on Valentine’s day with your player 2 or maybe just hang and geek out with fellow warriors of the digital world. Enter the Overwatch Season 2 Watch party at the 40/40 club.