Beyond Good and Evil 2 New Gameplay Update

The last update I shared with you we got a look into a pre-alpha build of Beyond Good and Evil 2 which looked amazing. This time around it seems we have a more polished game to look at with some commentary from the developers. 

Beyond Good and Evil 2 takes us above the Clouds!

The developers are really taking the beyond part of the title seriously as it is more than just an action adventure. You have space exploration and even as they promise can jump between ground to ship and into orbit seamlessly. With a new game comes new abilities in augmentations and combat. I am going to utilize that jetpack in combat so much. Reminds of being the Rocketeer so we shall have that advantage. 

There is going to be a multitude of ways to engage the enemies either go in gun blazing which is my favorite. Or you can take a more stealth approach to scan the enemies to see what they are packing. Nicely done and frankly, I love it when developers give us gamers creative options. 

I am sad it doesn’t have the same cartoon style of the original and of course, this is a prequel from what I understand. Either way what are your thoughts on the new gameplay update? Planning on picking it up? Please share your thoughts below and I shall see you in the next Update. – Beast Out – 

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