Dead or Alive 6 Delay, but Only by 2 Weeks

Most of you probably heard or read about it already, but Dead or Alive 6 will be delayed by two weeks. Nothing to really go nuts about and it was expressed by Producer Yohei Shimbori.

See, I do not mind when a developer feels that it needs to stay in the oven for a bit more. I am anticipating this title a lot hence why I am okay with this news. Now for those that are confused about the term “expressivity”. It is okay that term is usually used when talking about DNA’s mutation, but it is also used in terms of being more expressive.

We are seeing some impressive videos of how the mechanics are going to work, but here are some features to remind you.

  • Break Gauge System – A Special Attack meter new to the series. use the Break Gauge to Execute new tactics such as a Break Blow or a Break hold.
  • Break Blow – A Break Blow is a special skill which has a powerful smash while parrying an enemy strike.
  • Break Hold – A Break Hold is the ultra hold which returns upper, middle, and lower attacks.
  • Fatal Rush – Fatal Rush is a powerful combo attack of up to four neatly animated punches and kicks making a first time player look like an expert.
  • DOA Central – The new DOA CENTRAL mode is open! Customize your favorite characters before joining the fight!
  • Danger Zones – These are special regions found in most stages that cause heavy damage when a fighter gets knocked into them. Danger Zones can range from basic walls to blockbuster explosions and careening cars. Some Stages also have Danger Zones within the Floors as well.
  • Rumble Danger – If a fighter is blown into the crowd, the spectators around the edge of the ring can push the fighter back in and will lose their balance and stagger. This creates an opening for the perfect chance to attack.
  • Mass-Destruction – Stage Objects such as boxes or jars are destructible. Earn extra damage by blowing opponents into them. Broken items do not regenerate, but you may want to break them before your opponent decides to use them on you.

In that they just want their game not only to work properly, but it should also show some personality. I can respect that. So, thats the new date and relax people and pre-order Dead or Alive 6 copies if you have not already. This beast will see you on the battlefield. –  Beast Out

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Beast Gamer Kuma

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