Firewall Zero Hour: Operation Nightfall Reveal

New update coming to the VR tactical shooter Firewall Zero Hour. It has been almost a year since its release which has fans expecting a bit more. The new Operation Nightfall has a nice trailer for you VR soldiers to check out. 

Operation: Nightfall Drops In!

With Operation: Nightfall, we’re bringing a whole new face to Firewall Zero Hour as you know it. One of the most significant changes is introducing a whole new system of time-limited progression taking the form of Missions, Tasks, and cosmetic Rewards.

Teamwork makes the dream work and it is up to you and your trusted friends to take on the opposition! You will have a choice of 12 different operatives with an arsenal of weapons to infiltrate and dominate your enemies. Just put on your VR headsets grab your gear and pick two ways to play up to eight players divided into two teams of four. 


  • Your job is to bypass the Firewall access points, locate the laptop, and initiate the hack to obtain the data. Plan your approach wisely and eliminate any hostiles that stand in your way.


  • Protect the laptop data at all costs. Fortify your location, secure the Firewall access points, and force your enemy into choke points that will prevent the hack and protect the data.

Get ready to for the operation to begin on May 21st, 2019. I hope you check it out and check back for more updates. – Beast Out – 

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