Gangsta ep. 2: Dogtags Street Fight


You know what’s funny? I’ve been in many fights and the one thing that I have over my opponents at times is the knowledge. You see if you hold off on your true nature and abilities then the fight can be in your favor. The assumption of your opponent being less than you expect is a big mistake. There should be a certain level of respect when facing every adversary, but for some they stay ignorant and underestimate the enemy. For ex-mercenary Dog Tags, they are a special breed, but this time we to see how two dog tags operate in battle. Episode 2 has finally released, so what shall we learn today?


It is your typical day in the town of Ergastulum where the air is nice and the crime is just right for the Handymen. Things take an interesting twist when the boys get a visit from Mia who is in need of a Dog Tag to help out the good Doctor. Apparently someone wants to shake him down in hopes to help them out instead of leaving him be to work independently. This is definitely a job for our super samurai Nico who was looking to stay busy. However the opponent he faces is a class B Dog Tag and that might be problematic if Nico wasn’t a Class A. Remember when I mentioned not to underestimate your opponent? This is one of those situations. The kicker of this episode is that Allie gets a bit more knowledge of Nico which puts her in an uneasy state since she is not used to be like him. The superhuman thing is all new to her and she is not sure if she can trust someone like him, but not going to spoil too much. I do want to give you this hilarious clip though.


I was hoping we were going to get an episode where we go deeper into what Nico really is and why it is so important to be afraid of people with Dogtags. Because as some of you know that the idea behind the Dogtags is a soldier’s identification, but for them it is their rank. So far we get a glimpse at a B-Class, but that just means there is more to come and without a doubt each of these soldiers will have different abilities.


This episode has a mixture of hilarious points, but takes a sensitive tone that kind of humanizes Nico as we get a peek at his past. It seems he was a soldier from an early age and these dog tags were known as monsters or rather still are. In a sense you can understand Allie’s confusion when she sees how Nico interacts with the young Mia vs. how he acts when facing enemies. He goes from a calm person to a vicious animal on the fly. It becomes a trust experiment that she will just have to grow to understand.


Any Problems?

Honestly episode 2 of Gangsta was smooth and well-paced where it didn’t bore me, but there will be a slow episode soon, however not right now. I found it very enjoyable, but you do get the feeling there will be something climatic coming soon.


So far it was going into Gangsta episode 2 which I will give 5 out of 5 paws. It is still early and expect some fun, but if this follows the rule of five and ten. We can expect a drought in episode 5 and something majorly messed up in episode 10. This had the right amount of action and the right amount of humor with an added bonus to learn a bit more of our characters. I think the one with the darker past will be Worick, because he is normal and I think something is going to come after him in a worst way. Hope you enjoyed this review and be sure to check back each week as we keep on venturing through Gangsta. Stay frosty!

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