Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Reveal

Today is a day of dropping all new intel of a new Ghost Recon. Many were wandering what the next Tom Clancy game would be and sorry it is not Splinter Cell this time. Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is a new mission for these ghost with a whole new gameplay mechanic which it seems the developer took notes from us playing Wildlands and how to improve upon that. 

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint fully loaded

The live event is still going on but I had to step away to share my thoughts on what I saw on the Alpha gameplay. At first, I was like, “okay something is a bit different.” But Ubisoft is known for showing off some impressive graphics on their alpha’s, but I am not here for that. The game caught my eye with the ghost soldier being hurt. I thought at this point we are still in a cut scene until the UI showed up and the character was being controlled. Self-healing feature is the first thing that they showed which is important. 

I do not knock any game that values partnership having your buddies revive you, but you should have means to heal yourself. This brings a new tactic dynamic to the game and a slight hint of survival if you take on too much damage. Once healed you have to check your surroundings and what would one do when you are being chased my enemies. My answer was thankfully answered right away as the player submerged themselves in mud and added more mud on their face and arms for effect. 

This is what I am talking about when it comes to fighting in the jungle to use guerilla warfare. Having the means to hide yourself to attack from behind and be able to heal yourself is just touching the surface. We also saw that when infiltrating a base you have a gate cutter and you can hide bodies which are classic for any Tom Clancy player. Always annoyed me that we had to take out an enemy on the edge of a cliff in order for the body to vanish naturally. 

One thing I loved about the series is the ability to strategize, be tactical and have many ways of taking on missions. Wildlands was the start and it seems Breakpoint is giving us much more, but this is just the start. 

Ghost is also the enemy.

The new enemy is a fierce and calculated one being that the state at the end of the trailer, “We are Ghost too!” That alone would make anyone worried about having to fight someone with the same tactics as you. The better question is will this be a direct sequel to Wildlands see as the revealed enemy is actor Jon Bernthal who was in the previous update to Wildlands. 

Another factor I am enjoying is the subtle story having future tech involved. We don’t need anything too heavy in future warfare. It was touching a little bit to close to the ways of the terminator, but I can’t get past how good the enemy is looking. The new opposition sporting phantom gear that looks straight out of an anime and the A.I mobile units with their deadly arsenal will be fun to destroy. 

Beastly Thought?

I am going to wait and you know they are going to issue beta request and right now you can pre-order to gain access to the beta. I will definitely keep a sharp eye out for closed beta details which I am looking forward into checking out. We are moving forward Ghost Recon and I want to hear from you, the gamers. You can pre-order your copy by clicking this link. What did you think about today’s reveal? – Beast Out – 


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