GiveAway Page

Sup people, it is your Beastly gamer Kuma here with another Giveaway that will start on August 31st, 2018. After getting my affiliation with Twitch I figured it would be time to do something for the followers and supporters. So, here we are with this Red Dead Redemption 2 giveaway. I don’t have much yet, but I plan to do what I can where I can why not with a major release that gives me enough time to set up for. I seriously thank all that have made everything possible for me to achieve what I have done thus far. All right, the rules are simple, you are a supporter you are eligible. I will be keeping track of the participation especially in my streams which Stream Elements and Stream Labs will keep track of chat activity. Good Luck and Have fun with it.

For those that have not seen the latest trailer check this out!

Keep in mind this is not sponsored by Rockstar in any way, all out of my own pocket!