Happy Goku Day

I have a long history with the Dragon Ball series first starting with Goku as kid trying to find any station that would play the anime. I have even watched Dragon Ball Z in spanish. There has been so many games, manga and anime that many fans have their own personal picks. I was more of a fan of kid Goku from the original Dragon Ball then switched it up to Piccolo. But it all started with this fighting enthusiast. So let’s celebrate this Sayian also known as Kakarot to his friends. 

The Meaning behind GOKU

Beginning in 2015, the Japan Anniversary Association designated May 9th officially as Goku Day. How did Goku Day fall upon May 9th? The explanation falls upon the Japanese language where the number 5 is pronounced Go and the number 9 is pronounced Ku, put them together and you have GOKU; and thus, Goku Day was born! Goku Day has become a day to celebrate one of the most iconic manga/anime characters to come out of Japan and his positive inspiration and impact on countless fans around the globe.

Goku is one interesting character to have grown up with being that he has a kind heart and ready to fight against strong opponents at any given moment. Even though I do not agree with all of his methods in doing so, but I appreciate the character and his childlike nature. 

Today you can also celebrate in the new release of Kid Goku of Dragon Ball GT making is debut on Dragon Ball FighterZ. The season 2 pass is available right now with Videl Jurien and now kid Goku. Coming soon is Gogeta SSSG and Broly from Dragon Ball Super. 

Enjoy the day gamers and if you want to get some battles in, follow my twitch channel by clicking here. – Beast Out – 


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